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Teraysa Navarro, OnviSource Director, Market Development Group

Teraysa Navarro
Director, Market Development Group

Teraysa Navarro is the Director of Company’s Market Development Group (MDG) and Business Solutions.  In her role, Teraysa manages OnviSource’s business solutions and development of market opportunities to expand Company’s sales and revenues.


With over 17 years of direct experience, Teraysa delivers valuable services that directly contribute to OnviSource’s market expansion and revenues.

Prior to joining OnviSource Teraysa served in education industry, optimizing the impact of educational projects by utilizing advanced and multiple methodologies and communication methods. Her successful background in this field has been key to her success at OnviSource related to establishing the services that can improve OnviSource’s market reach and business services.

Teraysa holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

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