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Transformation of data into analytics insights.

Turn data to insights to actions to

with a framework that delivers enterprise unification and intelligently automated applications
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Barriers to excellence abound

Data chaos can feel impossible to overcome and impedes excellence to both employee and customer experiences. Manual processes can take teams of people weeks to identify trends that impact successful business outcomes, losing valuable time and wasting resources. And siloed insights can’t offer a holistic view of employees, customers, or the overall business.

That’s why we created OmVista – the View of Everything

A view of everything will turn DATA to INSIGHTS to ACTIONS. So contact centers and enterprises can achieve EXCELLENCE in workforce performance, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and overall business productivity.

Ready to see what excellence in your environment looks like?

Excellence requires more than just improvement

And improvement requires more than just data or insights. It requires an end-to-end framework that captures and unifies dispersed and siloed data, analyzes that data to uncover business insights, and automates actions based on those insights.


The OmVista Framework

Powered by the most advanced AI, analytics and automation tools, OmVista offers a broad range of enterprise unification solutions and intelligently automated vertical applications to deliver bottom-line business value for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Financials, Customer Service, Debt Collections, and more.

OmVista Solutions

Data Capture and Unification

Whether your data comes from OnviSource or from third-party systems, it can be captured and seamlessly integrated to create a unified system for applied meta-analytics.

Intelligent Automation

Apply the power of automation to business insights to reduce manual effort and errors, increase time to response, and increase overall customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Integrated Meta Analytics

Analyzes front-end interactions and transactions AND back-office data points to uncover relational and correlational trends across employees, customers, and the business.

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Reduce employee stress and burnout and deliver faster response and resolution times with self-learning IVAs that offer conversational interactions that can scale up or down as needed.

Business Meeting

OmVista Applications


Intelligent Call Routing

Every call matters to the success of your business. So it’s critical to connect inbound calls to the right agents that can deliver the best experience, no matter where they are in the world. iCR automates access to all systems engaged in customer service programs and retrieves user-defined KPIs that are critical for evaluating the performance of agents and locations to determine their ability to process service requests.


Automated Data Capture, Unification, Analysis & Reporting

Get answers to the questions that truly impact your bottom line. Regardless of whether that data resides in a CRM, ERP, or other back-office database, or comes from the interactions on the front line of the contact center, iAct overlays and automates the integration of all systems to deliver the intelligence for data-driven decisions in real time.


Intelligent Customer Experience

To manage customer retention and avoid losing customers, companies should focus on many areas such as offering excellent customer service, understanding customer needs to respond accordingly, staying connected with their customers, building strong relationships, etc. iCX can help proactively determine loyalty and satisfaction and automatically implement measures to grow and retain customers


Outbound Campaigns

Strengthen the effectiveness of outbound campaigns for sales and marketing or debt collection efforts with targeted profiling, categorization, and personalization based on fully integrated front and back-office systems. Increase success rates with meta-analytics that can predict best times and channels based on historical data and automatically sends out notifications and alerts and adjusts to trends identified by real-time reports and dashboards


Teleservice Applications

Tomorrow’s teleservices products will not be evolutionary. They will be revolutionary. Integrating virtual agents, transaction management, interaction management, reports and business automation, integrated support for social media, and unified communication and collaboration. All in one application designed with the emerging teleservices market in mind.

What can OmVista do for you?

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  • Capture and unify your dispersed and siloed data

  • Analyze that data to uncover business insights

  • Automate actions based on those insights

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