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Omvix Group, Inc.

Omvix Group, Inc., founded in 2002 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, owns and operates OnviSource, Inc. 

Omvix Group offers business capital investment and business management services to emerging telecom and software companies, successfully transforming them from purely innovative entrepreneurship to established and growing business entities with significant potential for substantial return on investment. 

Omvix Group provided investment and active management to a number of emerging companies, including CadCom, Business Solutions, and DavaCord Inc. After incorporation of OnviSource in 2004, Omvix led the acquisition of the above three specific companies by OnviSource, in order to create a platform of growth for enterprise-wide optimization, automation and unification, powered by omni- and cross-channel analytics and big data management. 

Omvix Group, Inc. provides a unique model combining the power of capital investment and directly-engaged business management to complement a company's focus on innovation and technology, thereby leading to a successful transformation of the company's innovative strategies into an established business.

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