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Webinar Replay: Practical Tips to Address Agent Attrition

What you will learn

Our distinguished panelists discuss practical strategies related to agent engagement and retention in the contact center environment


You'll learn how to create a supportive, engaging, and productive work environment that fosters agent retention and success.​

  • The startling costs of agent attrition 

  • Top tips to engage agents for the long-term

  • The emotional impact when agents leave and how to encourage the agents you have

  • New tools and technologies that reinforce a positive work environment

  • How to establish a culture that embraces feedback, training, and coaching



  • Blake Dunlop, Discovery Limited Head of Retentions

  • Christel Lategan, General Manager at Ucademy South Africa

  • Neville Cousins, leadership coach, trainer and contact center advocate

  • Kelly Hoffman, Ex-CEO and Founder of Vocalysd AI and Podcast

  • Heather Turbeville, OnviSource VP of Marketing & Customer Success 


View the replay

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