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The power of knowing

Get bottom-line business intelligence from our fifth generation AI-driven analytics

Get the entire picture. Not just one piece.

Unify and analyze valuable data from across the contact center and enterprise to access a complete view of both customers and operations. Make informed decisions and take action in real time.

Analytics that transform the three most impactful areas of your contact center and enterprise

Automate the scoring and evaluation of every interaction using the power of Generative AI to answer the most important questions for your business and improve the quality and compliance of your workforce.

Powerful insights across customer interactions, surveys, desktops, and touchpoints deliver business intelligence that drives better outcomes and builds customers for life.

Seamlessly integrated analytics combine frontline contact center insights with enterprise data points to offer complete 360 degree views of customers and operations for increased business value.

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Interaction Analytics

A new-generation of analytics infused with the transformative power of Generative AI

Nexe`llecta breakthrough technology offers unparalleled insights and capabilities for enterprises and contact centers.

  • Deep, correlational, composite and combinative mining

  • Automated quality assurance

  • Compliance management

  • Call summaries that report turns in conversations along with sentiment, trends, predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Advanced insights regarding agent performance, customer behavior, loyalty, and churn

  • Agent coaching and interaction resolution scoring

  • Synthetic data generation and automation of AI machine learning

  • Automated scenario testing and customer behavior simulations

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