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Meet the OnviSource Team

We are a dynamic and dedicated group of individuals committed to steering our company toward success and embodying our core values. With a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, our leaders foster a collaborative and innovative environment, ensuring that our employees are empowered to excel. Together, we strive to inspire excellence in each other, our teams, and our customers.

Global Leadership

Michael Roberts, OnviSource Corporate Vice President
Michael Roberts
Corporate Vice President
Heather Turbeville
Vice President,
Marketing and Customer Success
Brian Fuxa, OnviSource Vice President of Engineering
Brian Fuxa
Vice President,
Brian Severson, OnviSource Vice President of Product Management
Brian Severson
Vice President,
Product Management
Franck De Surmont, OnviSource Director, Partner Program - Middle East & Africa
Franck De Surmont
Director, Partner Program -
Middle East & Africa 
Clinton Stebbing, Director, Business Developemnt - Africa
Clinton Stebbing
Director, Business Development - Africa
Teraysa Navarra, OnviSource Director of Market Development Group
Teraysa Navarro
Director, Market Development Group
Ray Naeini, OnviSource Chairman and CEO
Ray Naeini
Chairman & CEO
Anita Hubbard, OnviSource Advisory Board Member
Anita Hubbard
Executive Advisory
Board Member
Francisca Crous-Alegria, OnviSource Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer
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