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What you will learn

How unifications bring together people, processes, and technology

Contact centers and enterprises that have a great deal of technology debt are missing out on critical insights that drive business decisions. 


Guest speakers Kelly Hoffman, Ex-CEO and Founder of Vocalysd AI and Podcast, Neville Cousins the Head of Special Projects at BPESA, Ian Graham-Parker the CTO at Crisp Solutions, and Heather Turbeville, VP of Marketing & Customer Success at OnviSource explore how you can get the answers you’re looking for without sacrificing what you’ve already got.

  • Leveraging existing investments in technology infrastructure

  • Maintaining operations without significant downtime or disruptions

  • Ensuring critical workflows and functionalities remain intact

  • Realizing benefits sooner to enhance efficiency and performance without a prolonged period of adjustment

  • Seamlessly communicating and sharing data to foster a more integrated and streamlined business environment

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