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Intelligent Transformation beyond Intelligent Automation

Make the most of your data and processes so you get bottom-line results you can use across your business, easier and faster.

AI-powered analytics and automation to battle your company's biggest challenges

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Scattered Data

Enterprise products generate enormous amounts of dispersed data making it difficult to get a universal view of important business functions such as customer loyalty.

Disconnected Processes

Business and operational processes are often disconnected and provide no end-to-end process automation or results.

No Bottom-Line Results

Even with Intelligent Automation solutions, the volume of statistical and analytical data and automated processes remain disconnected and difficult to interpret.

Transform scattered data and disconnected processes into holistic, unified, and timely data-driven business intelligence.

Your customers see you as a single entity but too often, you see your customers through siloed data spread throughout the contact center and enterprise.

Let employees focus on the most important aspects of your business instead of wasting valuable time compiling siloed analytics and reports.

Make timely business decisions that impact the bottom line based on the valuable insights currently locked away in siloed contact center and third-party systems.

Intelligent Transformation

Intelligent transformation applies an added layer of analytics and automation to data generated from Intelligent Automation solutions to deliver universal bottom-line actionable knowledge you can apply to your improvement strategies and efforts.


In addition, intelligent transformation can connect separate automations or processes to give you efficient end-to-end process automation across your company.

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Holistic improvements to intelligently transform your business require

automated solutions that work in harmony 

Workforce Excellence
across organizations

Performance Augmentation

Automation through RPA and Intelligent Virtual Agent

Performance Improvement

Work Adherence, Process Compliance, Real-Time Coaching, Next-Best-Action, Agent Engagement, Agent KPI Analytics

Soft Skills Improvement

Sentiment Analysis, Communication, Professionalism, Cordiality, Empathy 

QA & Compliance Management

AQA, Professional Skills Improvement, Compliance Mgmt.,

First Call Resolution

Customer Satisfaction

across the customer base

Customer Service Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Virtual; Agent, RPA/BPA for Customer Service Fulfillment

Customer Journey Analytics

Before/During/After Service KPI Analytics, Intelligent Call Routing, Analysis of Customer Experience 

Customer Surveys

Direct/Indirect/Inferred Surveys,

CSAT Tracking, Scoring, CSAT, NPS, CES, VES

Customer Interaction & Trend Analytics

Sentiment, Behavior, Intent, Satisfaction, Trend Analysis, Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics, Churn

Business Productivity

across the company

Automated Business Intelligence

Markets, Products, Service, Competition, Industry, Legal

Digital Workforce

Intelligent Virtual Agents and Employees (IVA), AI and RPA-Driven Document and Content Mgmt.

Business Process Automation

Connecting Workflows and

Automating End-to-End Processes

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of Workflows

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