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Care & Support Programs

Offering Support Solutions and Best Practices to Assist Our Customers

One Call Solution Center
(800) 388-8402

OnviCare KPI's

Utilizing a powerful CRM system, OnviSource automatically monitors, tracks and creates analytics reports related to our performance when interacting with our customers. Performance and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are automatically monitored and reported.


Assuring every request is acknowledged and on time.


Service Level Targets (SLT)

We measure how long it takes to complete a request and compare the actual time to the target closure time that is based on severity.


Service Engineer Performance

We measure the quality of work by our service engineers.

Product Field Performance

We monitor and record the performance of our solutions.

Customer Communications

We assure that customers are frequently informed of the progress.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

The sentiment of our customers are obtained using surveys and simple assessments after each service request is completed​.


Customer Advocacy Program

Our Customer Advocacy Program incorporates two additional measures to better serve our customers

Direct Executive Communication

Our customers can easily and directly communicate with our executive team (for any reason) by email, whereby the executive team is immediately and automatically notified of the customer emails, followed by an acknowledgement.

Customer Focus Program 

The OnviSource management team, from time to time and as required, can launch a Customer Focus Program  to create a "tiger team" in order to address customer issues beyond our normal service process. This escalation provides customers with special care and attention as needed by the nature of their requirements.

Technical Support

Our technical support services are offered 7/24 (Premium level) or during business hours (Enhanced level) are easily accessible:


  • Our One Call Solution Center (OCSC) is always answered by a live operator

  • Email

  • Use our self-service support portal

Every service request is acknowledged so customers can rest assured their requests are recorded by OnviSource and the service process is started.


Customers will have the opportunity to be informed of the progress through communications from us, as well as the status shown through the Customer Service Portal.

Best Practices

The Best Practices Program offers a variety of free webinars and training sessions related to:

  • The best use of our solutions

  • Industry best practices and business intelligence

  • New features and products

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