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Origami Birds Transformation

Improve performance, engagement, and compliance
at every level for every employee

Powered for Improvement

Employees are some of your company's most valuable resources. Improve performance, increase soft skills and professionalism, ensure compliance, and increase engagement for better CX with workforce optimization solutions that leverage AI-powered analytics and automation.

Augment agent performance

Work smarter not harder with automation that takes the guesswork and human error out of workflows and processes. Streamline the agent experience and create a smoother customer experience.

Increase soft skills and professionalism

Quickly and easily identify areas of soft skills such as empathy, professionalism, and courtesy that need improvement and set your agents apart from the rest of the crowd. Gain a competitive edge that increases loyalty.

Improve performance with real-time coaching

Post-interaction is not the time to discover the best next steps an agent should have taken. Give agents the tools, recommendations, and next best action they need, when they need it.

Empower agents and maintain quality

Never leave agents guessing about whether they are meeting expectations for customer satisfaction and company compliance. Automated feedback loops engage employees right where they are.

If you’d like more information about how to increase workforce performance, get in touch today.

Great customer experiences start with great employees

Achieve your goals to improve performance and increase employee satisfaction
with contact center and enterprise solutions that eliminate barriers to excellence

Workforce Excellence Across Organizations

Quality and compliance management for 100% of interactions.

Work and process adherence.

Smiling female contact center agent speaking into a headset.

Improvement of agent soft skills, attitude, mannerisms and professionalism. 

Agent activity and performance data analytics to improve productivity.

Augment agent performance using cognitive automation with RPA and intelligent virtual agents.

Drive performance through analytics and automation

Data-driven training, coaching and development powers faster speed to proficiency for new hires and keeps tenured associates on a path of improvement.


Team leaders are equipped to keep teams fully engaged, reducing disruption and expense.

Collection of analytical charts.

How we help get you there...

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