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Partnership for Success

 OEO 2.0

A New Generation User Group

OnviSource and the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) Association Unveil a New and Invigorated User Group

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A New Generation User Group Strives to Unify Teleservice Industry Vendors, Service Providers and User Groups to Deliver Business and Industry Knowledge, Best Practices, Collaborations, and Optimized Technologies and Solutions

The Telephone Answering Service industry is currently faced with a series of challenges and threats:

  • Entry of larger competitors to the market

  • AI-driven technologies and automation offering lower prices to compete with live agents

  • Labor shortages and higher cost of labor

  • Regulatory compliance

  • TAS applications and products that operate in silos instead of being unified to optimize the productivity, and user groups holding valuable knowledge not shared across the industry

Many teleservice providers have realized the benefits of AI, new technologies, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud services. However, they are confronted with the cost and complexity of solutions, the expensive resources required to maintain and use such solutions, and integration barriers across multivendor systems and software products.  Thus, OEO 2.0 was established to address these challenges.

OEO 2.0 Directly Addresses Industry Challenges

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 OEO 2.0 Delivers 5 Key Benefits to Its Members

  1. OEO 2.0 unifies various TAS application and telecom vendors with OnviSource solutions to provide unified and integrated solutions optimizing productivity, reduce costs, and disseminate valuable insights regarding best practices and effective use of products. 

  2. Periodically, OEO 2.0 will invite representatives of other reputable user groups such ATSI and CAM-X to share valuable knowledge related to the industry and regulatory practices.

  3. OEO 2.0 provides an online community platform and app to facilitate convenient communication and collaboration among members. 

  4. ​OEO 2.0 offers useful information from other members, combined with informative periodic newsletters, updates to members with best practices and the know how to expand their businesses.

  5. OEO 2.0 will arrange quarterly virtual user group conferences over the course of a few hours to offer training, best practices, vendor presentations and service providers’ best practices.

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