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Origami Office Worker

Desktop analytics and transaction automation software

Gain visibility into employee productivity, workflows and desktop activity

Monitor, analyze, and optimize employee productivity, application usage and process efficiency in real time

  • Gain valuable insights into employee productivity and application usage patterns

  • Optimize workflows and processes to improve operational efficiency

  • Identify and address potential issues before they impact performance

  • Make informed decisions about software investments and resource allocation

  • Enhance employee performance through objective benchmarking and targeted training

  • Streamline technology ecosystems by integrating with existing systems

Desktop Analytics

Optimize your workforce, transactions and business operations

PCI compliance & management

Automatically  detect credit card or other sensitive  data transactions on the screen and deactivate recording or take other necessary actions in order to protect the business.

Real-time detection of critical events & actions

Automatically detect certain events that require attention or intervention and trigger notifications provide managers with an opportunity to take immediate action

Identify process deficiencies

Automatically capture, monitor, evaluate and assess the efficiency of processes used by employees to systematically resolve any bottlenecks and process deficiencies to increase productivity.

Employee productivity & compliance

Capture and analyze multiple agent screens to determine the right training and apply effective quality management critical to productivity, efficiency, and compliance.

Workflow automation for proper execution

Automatically present the workflows and next-best actions that direct agents to optimized paths and sequences to avoid human error and increase productivity.

Sensitive data management

Apply sensitive data tracking, control measures or actions, and automate detection and workflows without looking over the shoulder of each employee.

Workflow scenarios where desktop analytics detects and prevents deviation

A Variety of Desktop Workflow Scenarios

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