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Interaction Analytics Software & Cloud Solution

AI-Driven and Automated Interaction Analytics Software for Content Management, Workforce Optimization and Customer Experience Management

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Interaction Analytics for
Content Management, Workforce Optimization and Customer Experience Management

Intelligently automated analysis for 100% of interactions across multiple channels

Aggregate big data from various channels and sources for comprehensive analysis to provide actionable business intelligence from a single source for informed decision making and improvement across the enterprise. 

Interaction Analytics-Driven
Content Management

Modern desktop with a keyboard, flat monitor and plants.

Big Data Management

Convert big data into speaker-separated, structured text documents. Analysis delivers data that is easy to access, read, distribute and uses far less storage space.

Enterprise Content Management

Transcriptions and other structured documents are automatically categorized and clustered based on topics, relevance and patterns.


Speech-to-Text Transcription

Automated Quality Assurance

Automated QA for 100% of interactions to evaluate contact center agent hard skills and soft skills.

Automated Compliance Management

Automated compliance management for PCI/DSS and sensitive data. Automatically replace/redact discovered subjects in text and original content files.

Automated Repeat Call Detection

Identify repeat calls and their root causes to achieve first call resolution and resolve call management issues. 

Interaction Analytics-Driven
Workforce Optimization

Call center agents at their work stations.

Interaction Analytics-Driven
Customer Experience Management

Customer experience rating above a cell phone.

Call and voice recording data, as well as Key Performance Indicators from other data sources, can all be included in interaction analytics for analysis and presented along with analytics results through our business intelligence reports and dashboard.

Subject Discovery

Confirm what you expect to find and discover what you do not know about your interactions, customers' expectations and their satisfaction with your processes and business.

Sentiment, Intent, Behavior and Situation Discovery

Detect customer sentiment, intent, behavior and trends across speech and text interactions.  In addition, audio quality can be analyzed to detect and troubleshoot static, noise and poor connections.

Customer Experience Tracking

Interaction analytics data with the inclusion of KPIs and standard scoring systems (CES, NPS, CSAT, FCR) provides an understanding of customer satisfaction throughout their experiences with your enterprise before, during and after service.

How We Power Interaction Analytics through AI-Driven Action Mining & Deep Mining 

AI-Driven Action Mining

Intellecta Action Mining summarizes enormous amounts of data and discovers unknowns, what is hard to find and what matters most to know.

Action Mining is powered by advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI algorithms to provide:

  • Automated Quality Assurance (AQA), Association of Teleservices International guided AQA

  • First Call Resolutions (FCR)

  • Compliance Management

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Intent, Purpose, Professionalism, Cordiality, Empathy, Soft Skills

  • Trend Analysis, Predictive Analytics

  • Data and KPI Analytics

Multilevel Relational Deep Mining

Intellecta Deep Mining summarizes enormous amounts of data and discovers bottom-line actionable knowledge.

Overwhelming and dispersed data generated across organizations prevents management from connecting them all together and determining bottom-line actions required to universally improve the performance of all employees and agents or to establish customer satisfaction across the customer base.

For example, enterprise managers responsible for customer satisfaction and internal performance optimization need to promptly receive bottom-line actionable reports summarizing only what matters.


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