OnviCare Support Services

Achieving Customer Loyalty is not a goal for us, it is an ongoing journey. It is a continuous and relentless effort on our part to achieve excellence in every customer interaction.  

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OnviCare is comprised of a suite of customer lifecycle assistance programs that start from free-of-charge and pre-sale consultations. There is also a series of post-sale support services including technical support, customer advocacy programs, best practices webinars, operation assurance and business intelligence services.


Our commitment to customer loyalty begins at the very first contact. From sales and sales engineering, to support services, our employees are dedicated to meeting every customers' needs quickly, and in whatever way is necessary, to best serve, and become a true trusted advisor and business partner.


OnviCare is implemented by a fully empowered team responsible for the services offered under OnviCare. OnviCare is closely and frequently monitored by the OnviSource executive team to assure its success.

OnviCare Service Programs

OnviCare objectives are to make OnviSource your Trusted Advisor before the purchase (even if you do not buy from OnviSource) and a Business Partner after the purchase.

Advantage Program

Unique Free-of-Charge and Pre-Sale Professional Service

OnviSource fully understands the complexity and the challenges our customers are faced with when they try to analyze and understand their business problems. Selecting a true solution that can meet all aspects of their operational and business needs can often be an overwhelming experience. To that point, we offer the Advantage Program, a true, free and no-nonsense professional service.​

Provision Program

Systematic Program Management to Fulfill Customer Sales Orders

Delivering, installing and making the multi-function and complex solutions operational - and fully satisfying customer's expectations - cannot be achieved unless a professional and skilled group of service engineers operate using productive processes and disciplines, advanced tracking and automated systems, and close supervision of empowered management.

Care Program

Support and Best Practices while Excelling in Customer Experience

Our Care Program is based on the following initiatives:

  • Provide the best technical support and make it easy for our customers to use our service.

  • Offer free webinars, training and best practices in order to maximize the benefits of our solutions.

  • Continuously monitor our performance and implement programs that can truly improve our services and create customer loyalty.