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Next-Generation Analytics Powered by Generative AI

delivering clear business value

Unparalleled Insights and Capabilities for Enterprises and Contact Centers of All Sizes

Reveals substantial insights within your organization.


It goes beyond traditional analytics solutions to deliver remarkable advantages in predictive and prescriptive analytics, QA and compliance management, sentiment and trend analysis, call summaries, and more.


It's the perfect choice for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge in the modern digital landscape. As a scalable and a fully customizable solution, it can grow with your business and adapt to your evolving needs.


For businesses looking to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive enhanced customer experiences, Nexe`llecta is the answer as software component or SaaS/cloud service.

Workforce Performance Improvement

  • Automated QA & Compliance Management

  • Soft Skills Analysis and Improvement

  • Workforce Experience and Engagement Management

  • Workforce Performance Augmentation

  • Agent Coaching and Best Practices Guidelines

Interaction Insights

  • Precise Call Summarization and Bottomline Insights

  • Conversation Turns

  • Resolution Scoring

  • Comprehensive Trend, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

Customer Experience Management

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

  • Customer Behavior and Churn Analysis

  • Customer Behavior Simulation

  • Customer Survey Analytics and CSAT

  • Customer Journey Analytics

Business Productivity

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

  • Customer Behavior and Churn Analysis

  • Customer Behavior Simulation

  • Customer Survey Analytics and CSAT

  • Customer Journey Analytics

Discover what's hidden in your data through a Proof of Concept

If you'd like to discover the valuable business intelligence hidden within your interaction data, get started with a Proof of Concept today!

Relaxed Businessman

Features & Benefits

Precise and Automated QA

Precisely assess and analyze the quality of your interactions, automating manual evaluations and ensuring a more efficient QA process.

Effortless Compliance Management

Analyze calls and multichannel interactions, identifying potential compliance breaches and enabling proactive risk mitigation.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Delve deep into customer sentiment, empowering your business to tailor its strategies and resonate better with customer needs.

Comprehensive Trend Analysis

Identify emerging trends and patterns within customer interactions, enabling your business to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Predictive Analytics

Identify patterns and predict outcomes including suggestions for optimal courses of action, enabling your business to make proactive decisions, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities.

Precise Call Summaries

Benefit from precise and insightful call summaries that condense lengthy interactions into meaningful insights for quick and effective decision-making.

Enhanced Productivity & Resource Optimization

Automate labor-intensive tasks, increasing productivity and optimizing resources.

Scalability & Customizability

Gain a scalable solution that can suit with your specific needs and adapt to evolving requirements.

Nexe`llecta integrates the accuracy and focused analytical power of Generative AI to offer the best results.

Nexe`llecta is available as software licenses or SaaS. It seamlessly overlays on its predecessor product, Intellecta, with no changes required by customers.

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