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Video Screen Capture Software for Recording Desktop Activity

Get a 360 Degree View  of Interactions and Workflows 

Synchronized capture of calls and desktop screens provides a complete picture of data and information related to interactions.
Computer Office Work

Recognize and reward your most efficient agents

See who adheres to your processes, CRM and other desktop applications​.

​Increase desktop efficiency

Improve call handling times, increase First Call Resolution and deliver outstanding customer service.

​Identify top performers as they navigate screens

Use their recorded interactions to coach and train other employees to help them achieve high performance.

Screen Capture Features

  • Capture synchronized voice and video recording of desktop activity

  • Records in full color or grayscale, maintaining clear image resolution

  • Records up to 100 simultaneous workstations per server under typical settings

  • Negligible impact on utilization at workstations

  • Live monitoring of both voice and screen activity

  • Configurable capture and compression rates globally or individual workstations

  • Configurable random recording settings

  • Secure, encrypted, PCI-DSS compliant

  • Non-proprietary .avi storage and playback format

  • Full Windows Terminal Server Client support

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