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Ray Naeini, OnviSource Chairman and CEO

Ray Naeini

Chairman & CEO

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Ray Naeini is the visionary Chairman and CEO of OnviSource, where he spearheads the company's strategic direction and oversees all facets of its business and operations. In addition, Ray holds the position of Chairman and CEO at Omvix Group, an investment company with diverse holdings including OnviSource and other ventures. He is also a member of the Leadership Counsel of NSBA.

With over 28 years of experience in advanced enterprise, contact center, and telecommunication software solutions and SaaS, Ray has left an enduring mark as board member, Chairman, CEO, President, or Senior Executive at various public, private, and venture-backed companies such as InterVoice-Brite, Nexidia, and Intellicall, where he played instrumental roles in shaping their success stories. Ray has served as an Executive Board Member at Southern Methodist University (SMU) School of Engineering, and as the Chairman of DavaCord, Inc. Ray's entrepreneurial spirit also led him to co-found a startup parallel processing computer company, culminating in a successful IPO. He has played leading roles in public and private companies’ M&A activities, as well as serving on the advisory boards of startup companies. 

At OnviSource, Ray drives innovation with a vision to democratize and deliver Intelligent Transformation SaaS and software solutions. By offering unified Classifier and Generative AI, Multichannel Analytics, RPA, BPA, and IVA capabilities, OnviSource is revolutionizing enterprise and contact center operations, empowering clients to achieve excellence in three most impactful areas of their business: workforce performance, customer satisfaction, and business productivity.

Under Ray's leadership, OnviSource has flourished into a strong, profitable, and growth-oriented entity, distinguished by its commitment to innovation, ethical values, customer loyalty, and employee well-being. 

Residing in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Ray holds two Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from Texas A&M University and the University of North Texas, respectively, with in-depth trainings and experience in financial management, sales, marketing, engineering, and operation. Beyond his professional endeavors, Ray enjoys traveling, the arts, and engaging in various sports.

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