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Intelligent Transformation beyond Intelligent Automation™

Your fastest, most cost-effective path to achieving true excellence.



Software & Cloud Solutions for Intelligent Transformation

ia.UniverSum offers highly affordable software and Intelligent Transformation-as-a-Service powered by a suite of unified building blocks of Intelligent Automation solutions working in harmony and deployed progressively.

AI, Analytics & Automation Software Building Blocks

Our integrated and unified intelligent automation software applications work in harmony across the enterprise and contact center to deliver Employee Excellence, Customer Loyalty and Business Productivity.
Employee Excellence
Customer Loyalty
Business Productivity
Performance Augmentation

Automation through RPA and Intelligent Virtual Agent

Performance Improvement

Work Adherence, Process Compliance, Real-Time Coaching,  Next-Best-Action, Agent Engagement, Agent KPI Analytics

Soft Skills

Sentiment Analysis, Communication, Professionalism, Cordiality, Empathy and more.

QA & Compliance Management

AQA, Professional Skills Improvement, Compliance, First Call Resolution

Customer Service Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Virtual; Agent (IVA), Use of RPA/BPA for Customer Service Fulfillment

Customer Journey Analytics

Before/During/After Service KPI Analytics, Intelligent Call Routing, Analysis of Customer Experience 

Customer Service Intelligent Automation

Direct/Indirect/Inferred Surveys, CSAT Tracking, Scoring, CSAT, NPS, CES

Customer Interaction & Trend Analytics

Sentiment, Behavior, Intent, Satisfaction, Trend Analysis, Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics, Churn, Buy, Loyalty

Business Intelligence

Markets, Products, Service, Competition,

Industry,  Legal, Etc.

Digital Workforce

Intelligent Virtual Agents and Employees, AI and RPA-Driven Document and Content Management

Business Process Automation

Connecting Workflows and

Automating End-to-End Processes

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of Workflows

Customer Success Programs

OnviSource offers a proven 6-step program designed to make our solutions work for your specific needs - functionally, operationally and financially.

Suite of Building Block Solutions

Free Consultation

Try Before You Buy

Customizing Solutions

Free Onboarding

Post-Sale Customer Loyalty Programs


Overcome common obstacles like these...

Data Chaos

OnviSource can help you resolve data chaos by transforming your overwhelming volume of data generated from multiple, and often dispersed products across organizations, into connected data whereby you can easily determine conclusive, bottom-line actions.

Process Chaos

OnviSource Intelligent Transformation solutions eliminate manual efforts to connect your separate and disconnected processes and workflows, including siloed robotic process automations, so you get efficient, end-to-end results.

Vendor Chaos

OnviSource removes the uncertainty of evaluating and implementing solutions by addressing specific needs functionally, operationally and financially through pre-and-post sale programs that assure your solution fits your needs and requirements.

... and transform with our unified AI, analytics and automation software applications that work in harmony.