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Intelligently Transform to EXCELLENCE

Go beyond Intelligent Automation per each function

and Intelligently Transform to Excellence across all functions to achieve universal Employee Excellence, Customer Loyalty and Business Productivity.

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Introducing a single platform for Intelligent Transformation


Software and cloud solutions powered by highly advanced technologies in Big Multimedia Data Capture and Management, Intelligent Automation, and Universal Analytics and Automation.

UniverSum provides 3-step and progressive solutions and delivers bottom-line actionable knowledge and end-to-end process automation across all organizations.

Intelligent Transformation Solutions

Capture & Manage

Capturing and Organizing Multimedia Data from Systems, Interactions, Transactions, Applications, 
and Databases 

Analyze & Automate

Per Interaction and Transaction Analyzing Data and Automating Processes 

Deliver Bottom-Line
Actionable Knowledge and End-to-End Process Automation

Universal Analytics & Automation


Employee Excellence

Customer Loyalty

Business Productivity


Automatically analyze enormous amounts of dispersed and multimedia data from many systems to produce bottom-line actions and connect and automate disjointed processes to deliver end-to-end results.

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Deliver excellence for your most critical objectives.

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Employee Excellence

Agent Work Compliance

  • AI-Driven Automated QA & Compliance Management

  • First Call Resolution & Average Time Improvement

  • Work and Process Adherence

  • Agent Teams Universal QA & Compliance Management


Agent Soft Skills Improvements

Behavior, Attitude, Mannerisms, Professionalism, Empathy, and Cordiality


Agent Engagement & Performance Improvement

Identifies agents who are active/inactive, productive/unproductive and measures them against targets and other agents or teams.

Agents Performance Augmentation

  • Using IVA, RPA, KPI Analysis

  • Real-time Coaching and Next-Best-Action

Customer Loyalty

Customer Transactional Management


  • Sentiment Analysis and Behavior

  • Understanding Customers Trends

  • Intelligent 24/7 Self-Service

Customer Experience Management


  • Customer Survey, Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking, Analysis & Scoring  - NPS, CSAT, Resolutions and ART, CES

  • Customer Trend & Predictive Analysis

  • Customer Journey & Interaction KPI Analysis

  • Indirect and Inferred Customer Feedback Analysis

  • Insights for Customer Churn or Loyalty

Business Productivity

Cognitive Automation


  • RPA + BPA + AI + Analytics

  • Workflow Automation

  • End-to-End Business Process Automation

Automated Bottom-Line Actionable Knowledge & Solutions

  • Business Intel Reports & Dashboards

  • Automated Data Categorization, Classifications, Trends, Discovery of Unknowns

Digital Workforce – Remote, On-Site, Hybrid


  • 24/7 Intelligent Self-Service

  • Intelligent Virtual Agent-Employee

  • Cost and Expense Reduction

  • Increase in Productivity and Consistency

5 Unique Customer Success Programs

Designed to make our solutions work for you with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI), or you don't pay.


Delivering knowledge and proving it before you buy 

  • Industry use cases, research and best practices

  • Free consultation to analyze problems and offer solutions

  • Try before you buy using free Pilot Programs or Proofs-of-Concept (POC)

  • Demonstration of ROIs and benefits


Aligning solutions with your budget and custom needs

  • Highly affordable and competitive prices for companies of all sizes

  • Attractive payment plans, if needed

  • Agility and flexibility in customization and integration

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)


Delivering solutions the way you want them

  • On-Premise Software

  • SaaS

  • Subscription Models and Managed Services

  • Hybrid

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Helping you experience the benefits and ROIs

  • Free 30-day hands-on operational assistance to assure our solution is working for your specific needs

  • Show you the ROIs in action

  • Train you for the best practices


Remaining as a your true partner

  • Customer loyalty programs beyond conventional customer support services

  • Customer Confirmation, Focus and Satisfaction Programs

Find Out How We Helped Some of Our Customers Achieve Excellence

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