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Powered by our Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, we offer Intelligent Automation Everywhere.

Workforce Optimization

Business Process Automation

Customer Experience Management

Enterprise Content Management Automation

We make our intelligent automation solutions accessible, affordable, and applicable for enterprises of all sizes.

Delivered as on-premise, SaaS, managed services or a combination.

Demands in Workforce


  • Multichannel Data & Media Capturing, Recording, Unification

  • Automated and Analytics-driven QA/QM for 100% of Calls, Chat, Email, Desktop, and Surveys

  • Automated Compliance Management for PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Sensitive Data

  • First Call Resolution (FCR) Improvement

  • Optimizing and Automating Desktop Transactions

  • Agent Automation and Augmentation using Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)


Demands in

Customer Experience Management

  • Capturing, Analyzing Across the Entire Customer Journey: Before, During and After Service

  • Capturing, Analyzing Across All Channels: Calls, Chat, Email, Desktops, Surveys

  • Automated and Intelligent Service Routing with No Delays, Transfers, or Repeat Attempts

  • Discovery of Customer Sentiment, Intent, Trends and Behavior

  • Customer Feedback Management, Surveys, Notifications and Response Management

gear with call center agent inside

Business Process Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Workflow Customization with No-Code Platform RPA

  • Attended or Unattended RPA

  • Rule-based RPA or Analytics-based RPA

  • Pre-packaged RPA Solutions

  • Desktop RPA for Transaction Automation and Employee Performance Optimization

  • RPA using Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and Chatbots


Enterprise Content  Management Automation

  • Multimedia Content Unification

  • Conversion of Calls, Audio, Emails, Chats, documents to Standard Formats

  • Contents Topical Categorization, Classification

  • Discovery of Named Entity Recognition, Most Mentioned Topics

  • Content Intent and Sentiment Analytics

  • Automation of Content Compliance Management


ia.Enterprise Product Suite

Software and Cloud Solutions powered by our AI and RPA technologies.

Call Recording, Screen Capture,

Quality Assurance, Speech Analytics,

PCI Compliance, Operation Continuity,

Lightweight Directory Active Protocol

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Workforce Optimization


Topical Categorization, AQA, Compliance, FCR Improvement, Automated Discovery of Subjects,

Trends, Intent and Behavior

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Multichannel Analytics

Multi-Branded Surveys & Notifications,

Response Analysis & Actions,

Inbound/Outbound Communication

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Survey, Notification & Response Management

Text or Voice Interactions, 

Live Agent Monitoring,

Chat & Knowledge System Interfaces,

Automated Quality Assurance,

AI-Driven with Training Modules

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Self Service

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Pre-Packaged or Customizable Workflow using our No-Code Platform, Rule-Based or Analytic-Based RPA,

Attended or Unattended RPA

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Answering & Help Desk Services,

Emergency-Dispatch, IP-PBX,

Multimedia Messaging,

HIPAA Secure Messaging,

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Teleservice Customer Relation Management

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Making our Intelligent Automation solutions and our AI and RPA technologies accessible, affordable and applicable to enterprises of all sizes.

We deliver our solutions in 3 ways:

  • On Premise Software

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

  • A Hybrid



Our solutions can be used in the following ways:

  • Pre-packaged Plug-and-Play Solutions

  • Customizable Solutions

  • Integration with 3rd-Party Solutions



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  • Prices that are highly affordable and competitive

  • Agility and Flexibility in Customization, Integration

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