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  • Heather Turbeville

5 Winning Strategies to Battle Agent Attrition in the Contact Center

Updated: Apr 25

How to combat the staggering costs of employee turnover and agent attrition

Happy Contact Center Employees
Agents who feel valued and recognized generally perform better.

Agent attrition is a constant challenge in the contact center industry, impacting productivity, morale, and customer experience. It’s estimated by Harvard Business Review that the cost of employee turnover is 100-300% of an agent’s salary. And according to a Deloitte survey, the average cost of replacing a frontline employee is approximately $12,000, which triples to $36,000 for a manager. However, in the context of a contact center, these costs escalate significantly. The price tag for merely filling an agent's position ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 per agent, excluding expenses associated with hiring, training, and other replacement costs.

But there is more to it than just the fiscal cost

When you consider the additional impacts of losing an agent, the cost of agent attrition just skyrockets. The tangible costs, such as HR expenses, decreased productivity among remaining agents, and the recruitment and training of replacements, only scratch the surface of its impact on your contact center. It's crucial to also consider the hidden costs, such as the productivity decline leading up to an agent's departure (the period when they disengage or exhibit signs of "quiet quitting" before officially resigning), the morale downturn linked to high attrition rates, and the subsequent drops in customer satisfaction following each departure.

So, why do agents leave?

To create effective programs that reduce agent turnover and mitigate its adverse impact on the customer experience, it's essential to begin by understanding the reasons behind your employees' departures and implementing strategies to prevent them from considering leaving before it becomes a critical issue.