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Press Release


OnviSource Announces the Release of the OnviCenter™ 8 Platform, a Next Generation Platform Supporting ia.Enterprise™ Intelligently Automated Customer Experience Management and Business Process Automation Solution


February 6, 2018


OnviCenter 8 is an advanced software platform that can support the deployment of OnviSource’s new Intelligently Automated (IA) solutions for a broad range of enterprise and contact center functions related to Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Business Process Automation (BPA).  It also supports and complies with the industry’s latest security measures, operating systems, media players, browsers, Lightweight Directory Active Protocol (LDAP) and database products; enabling the users to take advantage of advance technologies and security capabilities. This combination of IA-driven capabilities enables users to meet the demands of today’s emerging environment through digital transformation.

With OnviCenter 8 as its underlying platform, ia.Enterprise solutions provide comprehensive customer experience management and business process automation before, during and after every customer interaction, including customer service routing, engagement, processing and assessment. ia.Enterprise customer engagement solutions allow enterprises to intelligently unify and analyze 100% of the data and media from all engagement channels (calls, emails, chats, surveys and social media mentions) and generate valuable information and actionable knowledge, followed by automated decision-making and the launch of actions.


OnviCenter 8 new features include:

  • Optimized data and media management for faster processing using minimized bandwidth

  • Optimized codecs for audio and video players with higher quality and smaller storage requirements

  • New enhanced software platform optimized to efficiently run complex ia.Enterprise analytics and automation solutions

  • Users will access and manage all aspects of OnviCenter 8 software via the newly updated OnviLink 4.0 unified user interface (UUI).  This interface has a new look and feel with enhanced controls.

  • OnviLink 4.0 also uniquely empowers ia.Enterprise analytics solutions to offer advanced playback and visualization that can depict the results of their analysis related to the customer interactions in audio, text and key conversation data such as pace, silence detection, and sentiment analysis; delivering a single view of analytics results that is easy to observe and assess at a glance.

  • Enhanced LDAP authentication with auto-provisioning for faster, automated user account set-up

  • All users will benefit from browser support that has been expanded to include popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Internet Explorer 11.

  • OnviCenter 8 also delivers all enhancements and performance improvements developed since the release of OnviCenter 7


Upgrade to OnviCenter 8 will also allow customers to utilize OnviSource Customer Experience Management as a Service (CaaS) or as on-premise software to align with their business requirements and budgetary framework.

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