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2023 OEO 2.0 Association Annual Meeting

July 23rd-25th  Las Vegas, NV

Industry & Business Knowledge Sessions

  • TAS Business Insights and Best Practices presented by OEO Members

  • Overview of the TAS Industry and Market for 2023

  • Insight into Best Choices in Telecom Voice and Data

  • Group Discussions and Exchange of Challenges/Ideas

OnviSource Knowledge Sessions
  • Product Updates & Benefits

  • Training Sessions for Best Use of OnviSource Products

  • Arrangements for One-on-One Q/A & Training Sessions

  • OnviSource Partners’ Solutions & Benefits

  • “Rapid-Fire” Q/A Session

  • Giveaways for OEO members

  • Opportunities for group socializing

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Join the OEO 2.0 Association and OnviSource for an educational experience in an exciting location that offers fun and entertainment for everyone!

Sunday, July 23rd - Tuesday, July 25th
Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

2023 Conference Agenda


Randy Ripkey, Owner, TASbiller


Randy Ripkey

Owner & President

Dan Gracia, VP of Business Development, Joon


Dan Gracia

VP, Business Development



Thomas Schenk

Project Manager

TASbiller offers powerful and easy-to-use billing and analysis software. It uses open invoice accounting, support for multiple companies, multiple billing periods, and unique rate plans per customer.

Randy will discuss all things money - pricing, creative rate plans, agent wages, payroll, expense and profit ratios, and collections. He will also discuss service level standards such as average time to answer, abandon rates, calculation of utilization and the Magic Number Calculator.

Joon offers a variety of cloud-powered business phone services that can be customized to fit the operational ecosystem of any business size from small offices to large call centers.

Dan is an experienced business phone and telecom services provider, as well as an IT consultant for cloud voice and data services. He will provide insightful information about the latest in cloud services and share the many advantages of using a cloud-based platform like OnviCom™ for teleservices with local and/or remote workers.

OnviSource introduced PeoplePraise last year as a new partner specializing in teleservices and contact center agent engagement management.


The PeoplePraise platform is now integrated with OnviSource’ Intellecta™ TeleServ Interaction Analytics solution. Intellecta capabilities in workforce optimization and automated Quality Assurance for all agent interactions is available through the PeoplePraise agent engagement products.


Not an OEO Member?

It's not too late to join the OEO Association if you're an OnviSource customer!

Email OEO Executive Director, Dan L'Heureux for information.

FEEDBACK from Attendees in 2022

I want to express to how amazing it was to catch up and see all the new products available to us. I can't wait to go back to work and show my staff all the new tricks and tips I learned from fellow OEO members. It was educational and a lot of fun!


Answering Service, Inc.

At the last OEO annual meeting, I picked up an idea regarding advertising costs that paid for our entire trip... actually saved us thousands of dollars over an extended period of time.  


We don't think of it as an expense so much as an investment, with a better return than you get in a money market fund for sure!


Advance Communications

The OEO Meeting was informative and truly should not have been missed. The presentations given by Joon and PeoplePraise showed just how much more is out there for OEO members to utilize.


With all that is being done by user groups, regional associations and ATSI, there is no way our industry will not be prepared for the future! With [OnviSource] guidance and products, the industry will only get better!

Jim Reandeau,

ATSI Board President

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