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How Early Adopters of Digital Transformation, AI and Emerging Technologies Win!

In a recent webinar, OnviSource experts addressed the topic of Digital Transformation. We took a look at why Digital Transformation is critical to business today and what it takes to develop a successful transformation strategy.

Today’s enterprises are faced with epic changes related to their customers, employees, business management, market competition, and technologies. In order to effectively respond to these epic changes, enterprises need new strategy called Digital Transformation.

But what is it? Digital transformation is an ecosystem of digitally-oriented workforce, data-driven business models, and emerging technologies that increase efficiency and effectively respond to rapidly-changing business and market demands.

We found that implementation of Digital Transformation requires the three segments of the ecosystem to be successful. The first step is to establish a digital culture by employing and retraining management and the workforce to be digitally-oriented. Digitally-oriented personnel are necessary to understand the new digital era; as well as new business models capable of establishing Customer Satisfaction, Productivity, and Self-Service. In this way, enterprises can align their strategy with these top 3 service goals as validated in a research survey released last year by vendor-independent research firm, DMG Consulting.

Second, our presenters discussed the need for enterprises to develop new business models that are data-driven and guided by a full understanding of today’s customers, market demands, competition, and business management challenges. Executing and operating new business models; however, requires solutions in Customer Experience Management, Process Automation, and Service Automation, powered by emerging digital technologies.

Emerging digital technologies offer a broad range of options:

· Multichannel Customer Interaction

· Big Data Management

· Multichannel Analytics

· Customer Journey Analytics

· End-To-End Customer Engagement Management



Finally, we share insightful information based on industry studies, trends and a real-world use case to provide a better understanding of Digital Transformation for the enterprise, the emerging technologies, and the early adoption of AI.

Watch our webcast to give you a jumping off point in helping you outline a strategy for your digital transformation. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the planning, reach out to our team for assistance and a free consultation.

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