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Achieving Excellence, Business Productivity & Customer Loyalty Requires Intelligent Transformation

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Intelligent Transformation delivers the next layer of analytics and automation to data from IA solutions, producing data-driven and bottom-line actionable knowledge.
Intelligent Transformation Delivers Bottom-Line Actionable Knowledge and End-to-End Process Automation

Achieving Employee Excellence and Business Productivity throughout an Organization and Customer Loyalty Across the Customer Base Requires Intelligent Transformation


Going Beyond Intelligent Automation with Intelligent Transformation

Even with a broad range of advanced products currently used by enterprises and contact centers, they are still unable to collectively improve the performance of all their employees and agents, establish unanimous customer loyalty across all their customers or achieve business and process productivity across all their organizations.

In fact, the use of a wide variety of advanced technologies and tools, despite the fact that they provide productivity and improvement for many areas, is by itself, a major barrier to achieving universality in employee excellence, customer loyalty and overall business productivity.

Why Dispersed and Varied Technologies Create Barriers to Excellence

First, the sheer volume of dispersed data generated across organizations by various products (CRMs, ERPs, PBXs, ACDs, IVRs, call recording, screen capture, contact center KPIs, others) is overwhelming and resides in siloed systems and in various formats, preventing management from connecting the data together and determining the bottom-line actions required to universally improve the performance of all employees and agents or establish customer satisfaction across the customer base.

Second, business and operational processes executed in various organizations are often disconnected and detached from each other. Therefore, they do not produce end-to-end and organization-wide results.

Even when intelligent automation solutions such as analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are used for various functions, the enormous volume of statistical and analytical data, combined with automated but disconnected processes, remains dispersed and poses an unmanageable barrier to achieving bottom-line and end-to-end results.

2 Initiatives That Drive Transformation and Performance Improvement

Transformation to excellence requires companies to establish two critical initiatives: bottom-line actionable knowledge across organizations, and end-to-end business process managements.

The true solution is to overlay a new layer of highly advanced analytics and automation capabilities that a) are agnostic with respect to other products and can interface, interact and capture the high volume of data from each, b) deliver universal analytics across all raw and analytical data in order to generate bottom-line actionable knowledge and c) “connect” and combine all dispersed RPA workflows in business functions and achieve end-to-end business process automation.

UniverSum Intelligent Transformation solutions from OnviSource first capture and manage data from all systems, software products, reports, analytics, and automation tools regarding all transactions and interactions. Next, they universally analyze the data across all organizations to produce bottom-line actionable knowledge and universally connect and automate disjointed processes to deliver end-to-end results.

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