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Francisca Crous-Alegria, OnviSource CRO

Francisca Crous-Alegria
Chief Revenue Officer

Francisca Crous-Alegria is the Chief Revenue Officer. In her role, she is responsible for all lines of Company’s revenues, including software products, support services, Company’s growing cloud and SaaS line of business, and BPO solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, Francisca provides strategic and tactical leadership and management for business development, marketing programs and sales activities – with a mission to position OnviSource as one of the leading providers of  Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions for workforce optimization, customer experience management and robotic process automation - offered to enterprises and call centers on a global basis.

She is also a member of the corporate executive team responsible for Company’s Digital Transformation and Human Capital Management projects.

Prior to joining OnviSource, Francisca served as an executive for various companies, with the focus on a broad range of corporate initiatives, including corporate strategic development and growth, compliance, best practices, and labor laws.
Francisca’s field of study includes Degrees in Psychology, Human Resources, Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology, and a Post Graduate Degree in Labor Law.

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