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Michael Roberts, OnviSource Corporate Vice President

Michael Roberts

Corporate Vice President

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Mike joined OnviSource in 2019 and is responsible for Company’s accounting, finance and Human Capital Management. With over 13 years of direct experience as an executive in charge of accounting, finance and HR; Mike adds a significant value to OnviSource’s management team, and remains a major contributor to Company’s implementation of Intelligent Automation (IA) strategy. In his role Mike guides and implements OnviSource’s IA strategy from financial and human resources pint of view, by strategizing and managing financials of company’s diversified software, SaaS and service businesses in order to maximize the shareholders values.

Prior to OnviSource Mike served as an executive with Now Specialties, Inc., Technical Diagnostic, The Tracking Corp and others; and was fully engaged in all facets of accounting and financial management. He has developed innovative and systematic approaches in managing financials in the new era, maximizing the use of capital and profitability, while reducing costs through automation and technology. 

In a short period of time Mike has been able to automate several financial management processes within OnviSource and maximizing the efficiency through the use of cloud services.

Mike holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas; and a Bachelor of Art in Business Economics from Hendrix College in Arizona.

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