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Billie Clarke's Answering Service Deploys OnviSource Intelligently Automated Analytics with AI/Machine Learning to Automate Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

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June 7, 2022


OnviSource announced today that Billie Clarke’s Answering Service, a provider of 24/7 live answering and contact center services, has successfully deployed OnviSource’s Intellecta™ Multichannel Analytics solution delivered as Cloud/SaaS. Driven by speech technologies, automated analytics and powered by AI machine learning (ML), Intellecta enables the teleservices provider to holistically analyze, score and manage quality assurance (QA) and agent performance for 100% of interactions with minimal human effort.


Teleservices are recognizing that manual QA practices significantly limit the number of interactions that can be processed, and that manual QA is inadequate for effectively measuring and scoring agent performance, skills, and client satisfaction for all interactions with end customers. Having the ability to automatically evaluate and score agent performance beyond conventional key performance indicators (KPIs) using intelligently automated technologies allows teleservices to effectively measure hard and soft skills alike and quickly pinpoint training and development for low performing agents while recognizing and rewarding top performers, thus improving both employee and customer satisfaction overall.


Proper discovery of soft skills by automated analytics, such as empathy, professionalism, cordiality, politeness, etc., requires highly advanced AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning (ML/DL). Intellecta uses its own proprietary and multi-engine AI, called iMachine™, to provide accurate analysis of soft skills. Furthermore, Intellecta offers Deep Mining analytics, capable of deeper and multi-level mining to discover the purpose of customer calls, reasons for calls, customers’ reactions to agents’ resolutions, etc., providing management with a full picture of what really is happening during interactions with customers.


“Without an automated and intelligent analytics solution, we were forced to only sample a small number of interactions, missing valuable information. Using Intellecta and automating the entire quality assurance process for analyzing and scoring agent performance allows us to evaluate every interaction easily and rapidly and without a need for additional personnel,” said Susie Etzel, CEO of Billie Clarke’s Answering Service. “Intellecta has given us a holistic view and true understanding of interactions to help us align our services with what customers demand from live interactions. Beyond their technical solutions, OnviSource has been, and I am confident will continue to be, a true and dedicated partner to ensure our ongoing success in using analytics by offering highly affordable prices, hands-on assistance and training, and a range of customer success programs to make Intellecta work for our specific needs.”


Intellecta business intelligence (BI) reports deliver analytics results in correlation to a wide variety of other KPIs (work shifts, call volume, talk time, etc.) and can describe agent performance individually or in comparison with other agents such as top and bottom level performers.


“Up to now, it has not been cost effective for teleservices to utilize intelligently automated and AI-driven analytics to automate their quality assurance,” explains Francisca Alegria, Chief Revenue Officer for OnviSource. “The proven performance and low cost of our Intellecta analytics for this industry fulfills our mission of democratizing intelligent automation solutions powered by AI and machine learning for all industries and applications. With these technologies, teleservices providers can meet their objectives of employee excellence, customer loyalty and business productivity.” 


Intellecta is part of the ia.Enterprise™ suite of Intelligent Automation solutions and is available as both on-premise software and SaaS.


About Billie Clarke’s Answering Service

Billie Clarke's Answering Service (BCAS) was opened in San Diego, California, and has continuously served its broad base of clients with excellence since its founding in 1979. BCAS, a member of several industry trade associations, is constantly investing in personnel, technology, software and procedures in order to enhance service standards. Services offered are centered around live but 'virtual' Telephone Receptionists providing the Answering Service You Hoped Existed.


Billie Clarke's Answering Service holds an A+ Accredited Business designation from the San Diego Chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Find out more at

About OnviSource

For more than a decade, OnviSource has enabled several hundred small-to-large companies across a broad range of industries to cost-effectively manage, automate and improve their customer experience and business processes by offering advanced solutions in multichannel data and media capture, unification, analysis, decision making and automation for their entire enterprise, including their contact centers, back offices and IT organizations.


OnviSource ia.Enterprise Intelligently Automated (IA) solutions offer Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management (WFO/WFM), inclusive Teleservice Customer Engagement Management, Multichannel Customer Engagement Analytics, intelligently automated Customer Survey, Process Automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA). The Company delivers its solutions as software products, cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), managed services, or any combination. OnviSource’s special Advantage Platinum program assures that solutions work for customers’ specific needs by offering a series of customer assistance programs with no obligations. These programs include consultation, proof-of-concept and hands-on operation assistance. OnviSource is headquartered in Plano, Texas (North Dallas area), with an additional operation center in Oklahoma.

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