Multichannel Analytics


Intelligently automated analysis and Quality Assurance 

for 100% of engagement across multiple channels of interaction.

Our multichannel analytics solution aggregates big data from various sources for comprehensive analysis to provide actionable business intelligence for informed decision-making from a single source. 

Multichannel analytics enables management and employees to make real-time, data-driven decisions through the automated analysis of what is “expected” and the discovery of what is “unexpected” from their goldmine of otherwise untapped multimedia data.

Intellecta Multichannel Analytics Overview

Intelligently automated solution discovering pre-defined or unknown insights in all interactions.

  • Subjects

  • Trends

  • Sentiment

  • Voice of Customer (VoC)

  • Name Entity Recognition

  • Topical Categorization

Topical Categorization Offers Big Data Management

  • Converts big data into speaker-separated, structured text documents

  • Offers easily-accessible and readable media

  • Uses far less storage space

  • Automatically categorizes and clusters data based on topics, relevance and similar patterns

  • Automates discovery of “most-mentioned” topics

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