Multichannel Analytics


Intelligently automated analysis and Quality Assurance 

for 100% of engagement across multiple channels of interaction.

Our multichannel analytics solution aggregates big data from various sources for comprehensive analysis to provide actionable business intelligence for informed decision-making from a single source. 

Multichannel analytics enables management and employees to make real-time, data-driven decisions through the automated analysis of what is “expected” and the discovery of what is “unexpected” from their goldmine of otherwise untapped multimedia data.

Intelligently automated solution discovering pre-defined or unknown insights in all interactions.

  • Subjects

  • Trends

  • Sentiment

  • Voice of Customer (VoC)

  • Name Entity Recognition

  • Topical Categorization

Topical Categorization Offers Big Data Management

  • Converts big data into speaker-separated, structured text documents

  • Offers easily-accessible and readable media

  • Uses far less storage space

  • Automatically categorizes and clusters data based on topics, relevance and similar patterns

  • Automates discovery of “most-mentioned” topics

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