Get valuable Customer Feedback through Surveys, Notification & Response Management

Inspecta™ is a powerful Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution for improving customer satisfaction. Inspecta offers the capability to survey your customers and employees across multiple channels throughout the customers' journey and omnichannel interactions.

Feedback Management Across Multiple Channels


  • Email

  • Text

  • Telephone and mobile phones

  • Social media posts

  • Customer surveys


Inspecta can take advantage of VoIP-based technologies to reduce the telecom expenses and response time; while removing constraints on the number of surveys or notifications that can be generated in a given period of time.

Collected data can be analyzed through speech and text analytics., offering actionable knowledge from all customer touch points, interactions and transactions, and provide the true essence of your customer and employee sentiment.

How can we help?

Surveys & Feedback


Initiate automated customer surveys and gather valuable feedback and Voice of Customer sentiment

  • Solution includes survey templates and voice prompts you can customize, scoring, priority levels, and summaries

  • Speech and text analytics produces actionable knowledge, trend information and sentiment

  • Identify sentiment based on scores, subjects, and more

  • Automatically launches actions when certain thresholds, scores or feedback are detected

  • Feed survey results back to your agents

  • Integrate with third parties for processing 

  • Can use SIP-trunking for "survey-as-a-service''

Notification & Response

Keep customers informed and enable self-service response or a redirect for live engagement by sending automated notifications with response options.

  • Scheduling of outgoing communications with prioritization to accommodate unscheduled emergency messages when they take priority

  • Perform notification without the need for live agents

  • Branded messaging can properly represent each of your clients individually

  • Notifications are delivered with a pathway for automated response or redirection to a live agent

  • Customer feedback can be solicited, gathered and then compiled for later analysis by your clients