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Press Release

A Major Wireless Service Provider Deploys OnviSource ia.Enterprise™ Intelligently Automated Solutions to Implement its Digital Transformation Strategy

ia.Enterprise, Deployed as an Optimized Hybrid of SaaS and On Premise Software, Intelligently Automates Customer Experience Management for the Entire Customer Journey that includes Before, During and After Service.


January 29, 2019


OnviSource announced today that a leading wireless service provider has expanded its use of ia.Enterprise Intelligently Automated (IA) Solutions from OnviSource to complete the implementation of its Digital Transformation strategy related to end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CXM).


Multiple contact centers assist the service provider’s customers, delivering a variety of multi-language and skill-based services. The service provider’s Digital Transformation strategy is based on assuring their massive customer call volume is automatically, and in real time, routed to the best point of service with minimal delays (before service), customer interactions and engagements are optimized in order to provide the best interactive services (during service), and finally, customer feedback, voice of customer (VoC) and customer sentiments are accurately captured and analyzed to improve overall customer service (after service).


In order to deliver end-to-end CXM, a comprehensive Digital Transformation strategy was developed utilizing emerging technologies in automation, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivered by OnviSource’s ia.Enterprise IA solutions. These solutions enable the wireless service provider to capture, monitor and manage big data related to the entire customer journey for all its contact centers, followed by the ability to analyze data and launch necessary actions to improve the customer’s experience.


ia.Enterprise provides the service provider with intelligently automated solutions for all segments of the customer journey using emerging digital technologies in multichannel big data management, advanced multichannel analytics, process automation and AI technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Cognitive Decision-Making Engines. Before service, it captures and analyzes key performance indicators from all contact centers to determine the best routes and subsequently forward calls automatically to the best point of service. During service, the solutions perform automated and analytics-driven quality assurance (AQA), first call resolution (FCR) improvement, supervised and unsupervised discoveries and actionable knowledge, sentiment and trend analysis, Name Entity Recognition (NER) and topical categorization. Finally, it employs automated and intelligent enterprise feedback management, customer surveys and customer inquiries in order to capture and analyze voice of the customer and overall customer experience.


“We are pleased with the deployment of our ia.Enterprise solutions by a reputable and major wireless service provider, as such deployment is a confirmation and validation of our solutions for enterprise Digital Transformation strategies, process and service automation, and end-to-end customer experience management,” said Art Yri, Chief Technology Officer at OnviSource. “Their approach is also a validation of the market trend in establishing customer satisfaction through comprehensive analysis and automation of every customer touchpoint, and in truly understanding customer behavior, demands and sentiment.”


With ia.Enterprise, the wireless service provider now has access to a centralized platform that normalizes and analyzes information across all its sites and produces actionable knowledge followed by real-time and automated decision making and launch of actions; creating an opportunity to reduce costs and improve productivity, service quality and customer retention.


In this enterprise application, ia.Enterprise is implemented using a hybrid delivery model consisting of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise software in order to offer flexible scalability, optimize performance, maximize security and significantly reduce the cost of deployment.

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