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A Power Generation and Transmission Utility Company Expands Its Customer Interactions Using Automated Solutions from OnviSource 


Inspecta™ from OnviSource Enables the Utility Company to Automate and Enhance its Customer Feedback, Notification and Response Management, Lower Telecom Expenses, Shorten Response Time, and Expand Capacity 

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April 2, 2019


OnviSource announced today that an electric generation and transmission utility company has successfully deployed OnviSource Inspecta Feedback, Notification and Response Management software to intelligently automate outbound customer surveys and feedback; as well as efficiently and cost-effectively manage customer notification and response related to critical service events and other general communications.

Incorporating automation and advanced digital features of Inspecta for the purpose of automating and improving interactive communications with its member customers is one of the initiatives in the electric power provider’s Digital Transformation strategy to better manage, measure and improve customer engagement, awareness, and the overall customer experience, while reducing operational expenses and response time.

In previous years, the utility company faced constraints on the number of notifications it could make in a given period, the length of time it required, the limitations of manual work, and the high cost of telecom services. Inspecta offered automation and management of surveys, notifications and responses; as well as new telecom and VoIP-based technologies to reduce the telecom expenses and response time; while removing constraints on the number of notifications.

Additionally, a broad range of automation capabilities are delivered through Inspecta such as scheduling of outgoing communications with prioritization to accommodate interrupting and prioritizing unscheduled emergency messages. Inspecta also allows for branded messaging to properly represent messages from each of the member companies. Notifications are delivered by Inspecta with a pathway for automated response or redirection to a live agent who can promptly service the customer’s inquiry. In this way, customer feedback is solicited, gathered and can be compiled for later analysis.

Inspecta provides the utility company the opportunity to cost-effectively collect customer feedback through automation and readily notify its mass customer base of events such as power outages, reinstatement of power or other communications of importance. Messaging is properly branded and delivered quickly and accurately with low impact on resources, but with a positive outcome on cost savings, service delivery and response time.

“Implementation of our Inspecta in this application is another step toward attaining end-to-end Customer Experience Management in the era of Digital Transformation that would give enterprises a holistic view of their interactions and customer service operations,” said Art Yri, Chief Technology Officer at OnviSource. “Proactive outreach validates the trend in establishing customer satisfaction through automation and analysis of customer engagements, and by initiating communication with customers and garnering feedback to understand customer behavior and sentiment.”

The utility company utilized OnviSource workforce optimization software solutions for over 12 years before adding Inspecta. When used in tandem with OnviSource analytics solutions, it can provide the capability to capture, monitor and analyze interactions across multiple stages of the customer journey. Analysis can have the benefit of increasing first call resolution, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, voice of the customer and data-driven decision making based on business intelligence.

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