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Text Analytics Software

Turn unstructured data into structured data you can use.

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Extract Key Pieces of Information from Conversations and Voice Interactions

Business Presentation

Categorized conversations by topic of discussion and identify trends.


Text analytics uncovers the who, where, and when of conversations, the what or the buzz of the conversation, how people are feeling and why the conversation is happening.

Mine Text from Voice Recordings to Discover Trends and Anomalies

We can offer speech-to-text translation and index the text output to build a database of filtered text and associate it with the respective call recording details.

Users can build custom templates to easily define word list combinations and quickly save them. Word lists and phrases give the flexibility to run free-form text searches to find trends and run analytics.

Excerpta text analytics is packaged as part of a complete analytics system that includes speech analytics, social media management, and desktop analytics. This delivers Voice of the Customer sentiment.

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