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OnviSource Included in Global Speech Analytics Market Research and Forecast Report

As a top software and SaaS provider of speech analytics and automated customer experience management, OnviSource continues to be mentioned in industry analysts reports. The most recent mention has been in the Global Speech Analytics Market Research and Forecast, November 2018 report by Orion Market Research.

> Global Speech Analytics Market Research and Forecast

This report provides valuable market insights in understanding the speech analytics market trends and drivers, as well as guidelines in making crucial business and product decisions.

Speech analytics, in real time or non-real time, analyzes the audio results from customer engagements or other forms of communications to extract valuable information. It is used in a broad range of applications such as customer experience management, supervised and unsupervised discoveries, automated quality and compliance management, improving first call resolutions, trend analysis, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and topical categorization in big data management.

Speech analytics and its wide-ranging applications are a critical part of emerging digital technologies driving Digital Transformation strategies for enterprises today.

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