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Hyperautomation Platform

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Conversational AI, Multichannel Analytics engines, and low-code/no-code Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation

Empowering Citizen Developers through Low-Code/No-Code RPA & BPA

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Democratizing Development of Intelligent Automation (IA) Solutions

iMachine hyperautomation platform powers ia.UniverSum with a low-code/no-code platform.  It empowers Citizen Developers with no software engineering background not to just design and automate workflows, but to use low-code/no-code capabilities to create multiple and complex intelligent automation solutions to deliver universal improvement, optimization and productivity. 

iMachine Powerful Technologies that Deliver Intelligence to Our IA Solutions


Artificial Neural Network



Natural Language Processing


Machine Learning


Natural Language Understanding


Progressive AI Brings Cognitive & Intelligence Capabilities

iMachine utilizes progressive, multi-engine AI technologies to provide universal analytics, digital workforce and cognitive automation to our ia.Enterprise software and SaaS solutions for workforce optimization; multichannel analytics; survey, notification and response management; process automation; intelligent virtual agent; intelligent call routing.

Our ia.Enterprise applications use iMachine to transition from rules-based functionality to cognitive or intelligence-based services. 


iMachine is a software-based service module developed organically by OnviSource.

iMachine Capabilities for ia.Enterprise Intelligent Automation Applications

Our ia.Enterprise intelligent automation (IA) software solutions, powered by iMachine, can extract valuable data from interactions by capturing, recording, unifying, categorizing and managing the big data from anywhere.  Data can then be transformed through analytics, decision-making and automation engines to generate bottom-line actionable knowledge that can be shared and utilized by organizations across the enterprise.

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Multichannel Data & Interaction Analytics

Topical Categorization/Clustering, Supervised & Unsupervised Discovery, Automated Quality Assurance, Named Entity Recognition First Call Resolution Improvement and more!

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Survey, Notification & Response Management

Uses Multichannel Data and Interaction Analytics to analyze the results of surveys and responses.


Process Automation


Use of iMachine enables Orchestra RPA/BPA to transition from Rules-Based RPA to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).


Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)

Offers Natural Language Processing to augment live agent performance.


Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)

Uses iMachine to make next best decision based on user-defined rules and is linked to a certain routing action module.


Workforce Optimization & Management

Uses iMachine to offer singular analytics such as speech analytics, text analytics, and desktop analytics..

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