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Intellecta™ TeleServ
AI-Driven and Automated Quality Assurance, Agent Performance Improvement and Client Satisfaction for Teleservices

A Highly Affordable Cloud Solution Designed Specifically for TAS and Teleservices

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Analyze and score agent performance beyond conventional key performance indicators quickly and accurately for 100% of interactions with no need for additional resources or headcount.

Regardless of the type of TAS systems used, Intellecta TeleServ Interaction Analytics automatically evaluates agent professional skills and soft skills and delivers actionable knowledge immediately to assist Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, training staff and management in pinpointing training and development needed for low performing agents while recognizing and rewarding top performers.  


Users gain a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction and business intelligence to proactively align their business for cost saving measures.

Read about the rapid adoption of Intellecta TeleServ by other TAS providers 

Direct Benefits & Solutions to Industry Challenges

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100% AQA

Empowered by advanced AI, Intellecta TeleServ automates quality assurance, improves agent performance and increases client satisfaction. It processes 100% of interactions between agents and clients to deliver advanced Quality and Compliance Management.

Intelletca TeleServ automated quality assurance delivers the data needed to assess and significantly enhance agents’ professional skills, as well as soft skills such as professionalism, cordiality, empathy and such thus impacting agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Agent attrition decreases and therefore payroll costs are reduced with Intelletca TeleServ automated quality assurance easily identifies top-performing agents worthy of recognition or low-performing agent in need of targeted training that could lead to recognition.

Intelletca TeleServ discovers customer sentiment and customer satisfaction to assure customer retention and offers insight into customer behavior, demands and market trends.

AI-Driven Hyper Analytics Software Capabilities

Content Management

Big Data Management
Content Conversion/Unification, Storage and Retrieval Optimization


Enterprise Content Management
Classification & Topical Categorization, NER, Compliance Management



Workforce Optimization

Analytics-Driven, Automated QA for 100% of Interactions
Individual Agents or Groups of Agents
Hard Skills – Mandatory Phrases, Service Knowledge, etc.
Soft Skills – Professionality, Cordiality, Empathy, etc.

Automated Compliance Management
Media Content Modifications, Redaction, PCI


Automated Repeat Call Detection
FCR Improvement

Customer Experience Management

Subject Discovery
Supervised or Unsupervised 


Sentiment, Intent & Situation Discovery
Sentiment & Intent Analysis, VoC, Connection Quality, Voice Authentication/Identification

Behavior Discovery
Trend & Predictive Analysis


Customer Experience Analytics & Tracking

Affordable Cloud Service using the Latest AI Technologies 

Our AI-driven, hyper  analytics, offered as affordable Cloud and SaaS solutions,  is powered by advanced AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Multi-Level Deep Mining 


Regardless of the TAS platform used, Intellecta TeleServ performs automated QA for recorded calls using scoring criteria that’s most important to each business to deliver valuable business insights through subject discovery and reports, providing bottom-line actionable knowledge.

Free Support Services to Get You Started

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Free Consultation

to analyze challenges and offer solutions.

Free Hands-On Support

provided for 30 days post deployment.

Free Development

of customized scoring models, templates and reports.

Free Customization

of scoring models and reports to satisfy your specific needs.

A Customer Success Story

Billie Clarke's Answering Service Use Case

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The Challenge

Without an automated and intelligent analytics solution, Billie Clarke’s Answering Service was forced to perform quality assurance for only a small number of interactions, missing valuable information. 

OnviSource Solution: Intellecta TeleServ
  • Automated Quality Assurance and Compliance Management Solution

  • Powered by advanced Automation, AI, Machine Learning (ML) and BI reports

  • Delivered as Cloud Services and Web-based Portal

  • Initial QA templates and BI reports were developed by OnviSource free of charge and fine-tuned to address Billie Clarke's specific needs


Using Intellecta TeleServ to automate the entire quality assurance process for analyzing and scoring agent performance allowed Billie Clarke to evaluate every interaction easily and rapidly and without a need for additional personnel. Intellecta delivered a holistic view and true understanding of interactions to help the TAS provider align their services with what their customers demanded from live interactions. 

"The business intelligence reports make it easy for us to see how agents are performing in a format that is understandable.


Instead of sifting through many individual reports and recordings, we have a now have a single report that highlights where agents are falling behind.

Susie Etzel, Owner

Billie Clarke's Answering Service

See Intellecta TeleServ in Action!

Webinar On Demand

During this webinar, OnviSource discusses the use of AI-driven analytics and automated Quality Assurance for 100% of their interactions to achieve agent performance improvement and client satisfaction.


Discussion Topics:

  • Market Data, Trends and Challenges

  • Overview and Benefits of AI-Driven and Automated Quality Assurance

  • Customer Use Case & Testimonial

  • Live Demo

  • Question & Answer Session

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