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Check back soon to see the final line-up of speakers for this Annual Meeting!

The annual meeting was held March 12th-14th at
Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Journey Together

The theme of "Journey Together" encapsulates the spirit of collaboration, growth, and shared experiences within the Emerging Teleservices Market.


This theme not only reflects the collective journey of navigating challenges and opportunities but also emphasizes the importance of solidarity and mutual support in achieving common goals as we all journey forward into new territory as pioneers of the teleservices industry.

Conference Agenda

2024 Solution Partner Presenters

Brianna Burke, ATSI Board President
Association of TeleServices International Logo

Brianna Burke
Interim President

As President of the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), Brianna Burke leads efforts to represent the interests and needs of over 200 answering services and call centers across the world.


During her presentation, Brianna outlined ATSI's member services, extensive educational programs and the association's efforts to support the industry's growth and longevity.

Luis Casares, CEO, Explora CS
Explora CS Logo

Luis Casares

Explora Communication Services is a staffing company that provides support from highly trained bilingual staff to take calls as if they were at your facility. Their mission is to become an extension of their client’s operations.

Under the leadership of CEO, Luis Casares, they have more than 14 years of experience working with companies across the United States and Mexico.

Mike Heinrich, President, Joon

Mike Heinrich

As President of Joon, Mike is an experienced business phone and telecom services provider, as well as an IT consultant for cloud voice and data services.


Mike provided insightful information about the latest in Cloud Services and shared the benefits of cloud SMS and transitioning from POTS lines and fax modems to eFax.

Thomas Schenk, PeoplePriase Project Manager
PeoplePraise Logo

Thomas Schenk
Project Manager

Thomas Schenk demonstrated the advantages of the PeoplePraise agent engagement and performance improvement platform and the integration with OnviSource Nexe`llecta TeleServ advanced interaction analytics that delivers a combined solution for automated and AI-driven quality assurance as well as performance improvement and engagement.

Justin Massey, Owner, Relay Hawk
Relay Hawk Logo

Justin Massey

Justin Massey answered calls for his family's answering service at 16 years old. He then managed IT networks, defended companies against nation-state hackers, performed penetration tests, and developed cybersecurity products.

Massey walked through a cyber attack scenario and spoke to
how cybersecurity solutions can protect answering services, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and general cybersecurity advice. 


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