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Webinar Replay: Achieving Excellence - Contact Center Trends & Technologies

What you will learn

Trends & Technology for Contact Center Workforce, Customers, and Business


Learn how to deliver outstanding customer experiences, optimize workforce performance, and boost business productivity. Discover the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of contact centers. 

  • How to ensure smooth conversations and frictionless agent experiences

  • Why overall understanding of agent performance based on automated quality assurance, speech analytics, soft skills, and compliance adherence is critical to success

  • The role of self-service and Intelligent Virtual Agents for CX and EX 

  • How to deliver seamless communication between agents, supervisors, and escalation teams

  • What are the right tools and technologies to help reinforce a positive work environment? 

  • The power of automation to reduce manual effort, increase time to response, and decrease overall costs


Hear what these industry leaders have to say about some of the most important topics facing leading BPOs and contact centers today.

  • David Meintjes, Telviva CEO

  • Dion Millson, Elerian AI CEO

  • Kindra Fox, Direct Line Tele Response Operations Director

  • Heather Turbeville, OnviSource VP of Marketing


View the replay

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