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Hyper Analytics Software & SaaS

Our Fifth Generation Analytics
AI-Driven & Automated Hyper Analytics Software

Our Hyper Analytics Software Incorporates a Broad Range of Analytics Solutions to Deliver Holistic Analysis

Interaction Analytics

Nexe`llecta™ offers new-generation analytics infused with the transformative power of Generative AI.

Nexe`llecta breakthrough technology offers unparalleled insights and capabilities for enterprises and call centers.

Nexe`llecta combines the prowess of its predecessor, Intellecta™, which offers highly advanced classifying AI capabilities, with the new Generative AI, advanced data mining and workflow automation capabilities.  Nexe`llecta delivers an array of benefits for call centers and enterprises, including deep, correlational, composite and combinative mining, automated quality assurance, compliance management, call summary, turns in conversations, sentiment/trend/predictive/prescriptive analytics, advanced insights regarding agent performance, customer behavior, loyalty, and churn, agent coaching, interaction resolution scoring, synthetic data generation and automation of AI machine learning, automated scenario testing and customer behavior simulations, and many more. 

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