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Rapid Adoption of Our Interaction Analytics Across the Teleservice Industry

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Numerous TAS providers have joined our UniverSum Teleservice community and have intelligently and cost-effectively improved the quality and productivity of their workforce while reducing their labor costs and challenges.

April 24, 2023

OnviSource is pleased to announce the rapid acceptance of our Intellecta TeleServ™ by the TAS and Teleservice industry. In a brief period of time, numerous TAS providers, including those who use TAS systems from other vendors, have joined our UniverSum Teleservice community and have intelligently and cost-effectively improved the quality and productivity of their workforce while reducing their labor costs and challenges.

Our customers can quickly recognize the benefits of Intellecta TeleServ through our streamlined, rapid deployment process that moves them to production and ready-to-use cloud services within 2-3 weeks from the time their recorded calls, metadata, and analytics requirements are made available to us.

Intellecta TeleServ, our AI-driven and advanced Interaction Analytics solution offered as a highly affordable cloud service, processes 100% of agents’ calls and automates quality assurance, compliance management, discovery and scoring of professional and soft skills, agent and customer sentiment and trend analysis, detection of silence and other anomalies during customer interactions, etc.

Intellecta TeleServ utilizes a combination of our advanced AI Machine Learning (ML), a unique proprietary Multilevel Relational Deep Mining technology, as well as our organic library of highly advanced AI algorithms and data training tools in order to empower our customers to rapidly discover insightful and actionable knowledge critical to improving the quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of their operation. Furthermore, Intellecta TeleServ utilizes our Robotic Process Automation (RPA), called Orchestra, to quickly create a hyper automation platform used in developing vertical analytics application workflows, called iApps, and automating their executions.

Intellecta TeleServ goes far beyond business intelligence (BI), or analytics reports that are sometimes mistakenly presented in the industry as Interaction Analytics. While BI and analytics reports categorize the data, Intellecta TeleServ Interaction Analytics performs big raw data and media management, applies a series of AI-driven and deep mining analytics, and generates hard-to-find insightful and actionable knowledge. Its Multilevel Relational Deep Mining technology analyzes the entirety of a conversation or a document and generates “bottom-line actionable knowledge” and the summary of what is important to know. Intellecta then categorizes those insights and knowledge and presents them through BI reports and dashboards. Intellecta TeleServ can automatically detect the type of language spoken during interactions and apply the correct and relevant natural language processing algorithms.

Our tried-and-proven Customer Success Programs consisting of free consultation, free proofs-of-concept and ROI, optimized solution packages, and a free 30-day onboarding program followed up by our Customer Loyalty Program, has been instrumental in delivering solutions that entirely fit customers’ specific needs - functionally, operationally, and financially.

About OnviSource

OnviSource is a global innovator delivering intelligent transformation for contact centers and enterprises. We enable organizations to achieve excellence in the three most impactful areas of any business – workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity. Our AI-driven analytics and automation solutions provide the unparalleled insights that drive business decisions for exceptional business outcomes. OnviSource’s solutions connect, unify, analyze, and automate enterprise 3rd party siloed data and processes to bring together a holistic view of the business and operation for improved customer experiences, enhanced employee performance and engagement, and increase business productivity. All tailored to fit customers’ business: functionally, operationally, financially, and emotionally.

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