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Operations Continuity for OnviSource Solutions

Ensura™ is designed to help you address today’s complex IT environments and requirements while unifying and protecting your information and investment in OnviSource solutions.
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Never Compromise Your Valuable Data

Back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, load balancing

Ensura is a protective line of defense for disaster recovery from catastrophic loss of irreplaceable data, specifically designed to support OnviSource products. 

  • Manage data and media through Copy, Archive, Purge, Data Portals, and Remote Access Software updates and administration functions with­out costly processes or adverse impacts to operation continuity.

  • Ensure valuable data is never compromised by power or system outages or other downtime beyond your control. ​


Reduces IT workload and expenses, maintains operation continuity, protects data, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership 

Ensura Conserves
IT Resources & Expense

  • Manage security, user administration, local/remote location support from a centralized console.

  • Near real time or scheduled archive and/or copy audio and/or video files to a NAS/SAN.

  • Ensura monitors space available on the target drive and alerts customers based on customer-defined thresholds.

  • Ensura allows a back-up of the replication database so users can rebuild replication.

  • Replicate data at any time.

  • Check replication status and purge larger amounts of data with one click.

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