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Touch Screen

OnviCom Portica™
Multi-Media Messaging & Call Handling

Communicate with clients and deliver messages using their preferred method of contact.

OnviCom Portica messaging features for voice, fax and email make it possible for messages to be viewed and archived directly from a networked PC or forwarded to an email address.

OnviCom Portica integrates easily with existing services.


  • Auto Attendant

  • Multi-User Greetings

  • Scheduled Greetings

  • Call Screening

  • Follow Me

  • Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer

  • Group Partitions

Optional Functions

  • Voice Mail

  • SMS 2-Way Text Messaging

  • Dispatch and Messaging Services

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Intelligent Call Distributor (ICD)

  • Dialer

  • Fax Messaging

OnviCom Portica Voicemail Software
Receiving, Storing & Delivering Voice Messages

  • Supports virtually unlimited number of mail boxes, making it an ideal solution for small, medium or enterprise-sized applications.

  • Multiple levels of voice mail with company wide directory

  • Unlimited greetings, messages, group lists, automatic schedule records, and notification templates

  • Personal check-in line to listen to messages and manage mailboxes

  • Centralized console allows supervisors to manage client mailboxes from virtually anywhere on the network

  • Email notification and voice mail message delivery via email

  • Record calls outside and inside the voicemail for full client review

  • Notification to digital pagers and cell phones

OnviCom Portica SMS 2-Way Text Messaging

OnviCom Portica SMS provides the best and fastest way for users to communicate with any client, especially those with a mobile workforce.

  • ​Text messages delivered quickly to cell phone users; delivers echo to confirm receipt

  • Provides backup for email messaging; can be used if email service is down

  • Provides easy acknowledgment of message receipt

  • Runs on existing Dispatch or OnviCom servers

  • SMS is becoming the preferred method of communication

  • Build incremental revenue with text messaging service

OnviCom Portica Intelligent Call Distributor

OnviCom Portica ICD automatically routes calls to an almost unlimited number of local groups, remote groups or mixed groups of agents to ensure that calls are distributed properly to agents with the required skill set for effective handling. Groups can be assigned to accounts with a designated DNIS, ensuring that every call is handled optimally for each client. Callers experience a high level of satisfaction as a result of being routed quickly to an agent most qualified to handle their transaction.

OnviCom Portica Dialer

OnviCom Portica Dialer delivers intelligent predictive dialing for outbound call handling featuring customizable call management rules, call queue controls and call switching for call forward functions.

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