Desktop Transaction Analytics & Optimization

Get visibility into workflows and everything employees do at their desktops.


Desktop analytics is capable of providing increasing value and benefits to organizations delivering productivity improvements and cost savings for operating departments, while improving quality by reducing human errors.

Rapidly identify costly system, operational, and performance issues and assist staff in delivering a consistent customer experience.


  • Identify and monitor compliance issues that could put an organization at risk,

  • Address internal demands and satisfy external requirements, including regulations that tightly control the distribution of sensitive customer information across a variety of industries.

  • Provide visibility into the fulfillment process; 'alerts' to see if agents are following processes in order to enhance the customer experience.

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Add-On Options When You Need Them

Auto PCI-DSS Compliance

  • Users define the screen area that contains Credit Card or sensitive data to be detected automatically

  • Detection sends a “pause” to the recording server 

  • Upon completion of Credit Card transaction, a “resume” message is sent to recording server


Transaction-Based Screen Capture

  • Define the application, screen or an object to be automatically detected

  • Define a method of activation (by a manager or an employee)

  • Detection sends a "start" for capturing agent or employee screens

  • Upon completion of the data, a "stop" message is sent to stop recording

  • The transaction-based captures can be used for QA (agent, employee or processes), sales validation and other front and back office functions

Real Time Critical Event and Sensitive Data Detection, Notification and Action

  • Real-time, automatic detection of critical and important events or sensitive data entered by an employee so immediate action(s) can be taken

  • Information can include:

    • critical event or sensitive data

    • notification to be launched upon detection

    • automated action to be taken


On-Screen & Real-Time Monitoring

Employees have an option for on-screen display that can show their performance in real time

  • Actual duration vs. duration per item

  • Total items processed

  • Their current place in the process

Agent/Employee Quality Assurance & Coaching Guidance

  • Employees can be monitored and evaluated automatically in order to implement training, quality assurance and compliance programs

  • E-Coaching action launches a window on employee screens with coaching and guidance content

    • ​Guide to process transactions, use alerts and notifications, or include sale notes

  • Next-Best-Action displays the next best step to be followed by the employee; this guidance assists in automating staff workflow

  • Scoring using positive or negative numbers that can be recorded in a performance score card 

  • Comprehensive reports, charts and score cards are generated and can be stored or emailed to user-defined recipient lists


Business Process QA

  • Processes and workflows can be automatically monitored and evaluated to discover and resolve process deficiencies and bottlenecks

  • Performs post processing and aggregates, normalizes and averages score cards across multiple users

  • Identifies percentage of workflow sequence follow ups by agents or employees

  • Identifies specific workflow sequences with most deviations (sequence, duration)

  • Aggregated data provides actionable knowledge identifying business process deficiencies and assists in resolutions and improvements

  • Results are presented to users in reports/charts