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Intelligent Call Routing:
Analytics-Driven, Adaptive and Real-Time Routing

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Deliver the Best Customer Experience

AAIRR provides analytics-driven and automated routing of customer calls at the carrier network level, connecting the calls to the right service center that can best provide the service they need.

Calls, routing requires the capture, analysis of Key Performance Indicators and considerations such as:

  • Available skills required to handle the calls

  • Call queue sizes

  • Workload distribution

  • Distribution per certain schedules

  • Status of networks and systems

  • Contractual obligations such as traffic distribution.

Accurate routing of calls with no or minimal transfers and delays is critical to overall customer satisfaction.

Using KPIs to Determine Next-Best-Actions

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Users can provide AAIRR with extensive KPIs and a broad range of rules and conditions.


Automated capture interfaces with all entities for which the KPIs are defined and capture those KPIs on a periodic basis as determined by the user.

AAIRR utilizes an AI-driven decision-making engine in real time to analyze KPIs against dynamic rules and to select the next-best-available service center.

It then launches network-level communications to network routing systems. AAIRR also updates the status of KPIs and maintains historical data for the next round of decision-making actions.

AAIRR can create a knowledge base for each segment of the customer journey beyond routing, using multichannel capture, unification and analytics.


A decision-making engine uses results to determine the best next decision and automatically launch an action. A library of standard/custom action modules automatically executes selected actions.

Although some capabilities are supported by Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), ACD only offers a subset of capabilities and operates mainly on a local basis while AAIRR operates at the carrier and network service provider level.


AAIRR utilizes the actionable knowledge created during other segments of the customer journey to make better decisions.

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Multichannel Data Capture & Unification

Automatically in Real Time

AAIRR can access all systems engaged in customer service programs and retrieve user-defined KPIs that are critical for evaluating the performance of centers and their ability to process service requests.


AAIRR collects raw data and then aggregates and unifies it to deliver consistent, categorized data that is usable for the next stage of processing. The unified data is organized for optimum presentation and use by network administrators.

Decision-Making Engine


Unified data is analyzed by AAIRR's AI-driven Decision-Making Engine against user-defined rules. Additionally, actionable knowledge generated during other segments of the customer journey, such as during-service customer interactions and after-service customer surveys, is used by AAIRR to further analyze and improve routing decisions that are most appropriate for each type of customer.


Over time, rules are calibrated through the Machine Learning capability of the Decision-Making Engine. The decision made is linked to a certain routing action module that defines what changes need to be made in relation to the routing of customer requests.

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Verification & Launch of Actions

Network administrators have the option to verify and approve the decision and routing action before launching the action (via SMS or text alert). The action is then automatically launched. A complete audit trail of actions performed is available through historical records.

AAIRR provides a library of standard or customized interfaces with network routing devices, ACDs and other networks and systems in order to implement routing changes.

Standard & Customized Actions

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