OnviCord PRO™
Call Recording & Monitoring

Recording business calls and customer interactions is an integral part of today’s call center and enterprise.

As regulations and consumer demands continue to increase, call recording is even more necessary and valuable to business across

every industry. 


OnviSource delivers advanced, automated call recording with a comprehensive set of capabilities for capturing all phone interactions

with integration to most all networks and telephony environments.

Benefits of Call Recording & Monitoring

  • Cost-effective option for multiple or remote sites

  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of your people, processes, operations and technology

  • Monitoring interactions helps train and assist agents and employees

  • Managers can easily search, download and analyze information anywhere, anytime - in real-time or using historical data - enabling quick, secure access to recorded interactions

OnviCord PRO Call Recording Features

OnviCord PRO delivers simple, browser-based access to a robust tool-set that provides everything needed to manage recorded call information quickly and easily.  OnviCord PRO's familiar interface encourages rapid adoption and improved productivity with very little training necessary for users.

  • Live monitor calls in progress

  • Record 100% of voice and screen activity with one of the most cost-effective and advanced call recording solutions in the industry

  • Interfaces with virtually any PBX, T1/E1 taps, DS3 taps, VoIP

  • Scalable with unlimited number of channels

  • Call Archiving

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Supports Free Agent Seating

  • Contact centers with unassigned workstations can associate agents' calls based on each agent's login

  • Record-on-Demand

  • Users with assigned privileges can turn the recorder on and off at their desktops

  • Remote Playback Utility

  • Supports search and playback of exported recordings outside the central server or network

Multiple Forms of Availability

  • Software license purchase

  • Cloud or managed services

  • Trunk side recording

  • Line side recording

  • VoIP recording

  • CTI recording

How can we help?

We can show you how to capture and analyze all the critical data you need - at no obligation!

Get call recording with quality assurance and PCI compliance options that are

cost effective and configurable to meet the needs of your organization and budget.

Optional Features for Compliance and Authentication


Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

OnviSource PCI uses Extracta desktop analytics to detect the occurrence of sensitive data

in real time and prevents recording of payment information or sensitive data. 

This can apply to Pictora Screen Capture, as well as call recording.

Lightweight Directory Active Protocol (LDAP) 

OnviSource utilizes LDAP integration with its applications to provide single sign-on, automatic login of desktop applications, and verification of user credentials. Utilizing LDAP integration for user password management, and deactivation in cases of employee attrition, no longer requires additional management from within the system.