15 Features & Benefits of Liaa TeleServ 

Liaa TeleServ Virtual Agent delivers fully automated Teleservices applications and Telephone Answering Service (TAS) and offers the following features: 

  • Provides all-inclusive teleservices and telephone answering service via automated and intelligent virtual agents

  • Uses process automation to automate the entire process of a live agent while providing teleservices, including automated custom greetings, conducting relevant interactions with callers, accurate recording of interactions in both audio and text using its Text-to-Speech Transcription technologies, and end-to-end multimedia message handling via standard or HIPAA-compliant messaging

  • Automates inbound interactions, records the interaction and client information in both audio and text, and sends the content via automated message handling, dispatching, and confirmation through standard or HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

  • Convenient, secure access to audio recordings and messages is provided using HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

  • Customer interactions are automated through either customer-friendly touchtone interactions, or a personalized customer experience that uses Conversational AI driven by Artificial Intelligence technologies 

  • Provides human-like services that are consistent, dependable, adherent, accurate, fast, and available 24/7

  • Users can introduce new optional and automated self-service with new competitive price models to increase revenues through a large volume of service, while eliminating additional payroll expenses

  • Offers a reliable, prudent alternative to the costs and complexities associated with hiring, onboarding, training, managing and incentivizing live agents

  • Templates can be designed to operate as workflows and scripts with optional branching and processing based on customer responses

  • Users can create an unlimited number of templates for each type of client to accommodate their specific requirements

  • Provides a full range of operational and billing reports, available to 3rd party billing products

  • Available as a stand-alone solution or a seamless upgrade to Company’s OnviCom platform

  • Delivered either as on-premise software or as cloud services

  • Utilizes a combination of OnviSource’s Liaa™ Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and Automata™ Process Automation Technologies


On Premise or Cloud Solution

Introducing Liaa TeleServ™ Intelligent Virtual Agent

All-Inclusive Virtual Agent Delivering Intelligently Automated Self-Service Solutions for Teleservices, Answering Service, Dispatch, Customer Surveys, Notifications and Response Management


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