15 Features & Benefits of Liaa TeleServ 

Liaa TeleServ Virtual Agent delivers fully automated Teleservices applications and Telephone Answering Service (TAS) and offers the following features: 

  1. Provides all-inclusive teleservices and telephone answering service via automated and intelligent virtual agents

  2. Uses process automation to automate the entire process of a live agent while providing teleservices, including automated custom greetings, conducting relevant interactions with callers, accurate recording of interactions in both audio and text using its Text-to-Speech Transcription technologies, and end-to-end multimedia message handling via standard or HIPAA-compliant messaging

  3. Automates inbound interactions, records the interaction and client information in both audio and text, and sends the content via automated message handling, dispatching, and confirmation through standard or HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

  4. Convenient, secure access to audio recordings and messages is provided using HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

  5. Customer interactions are automated through either customer-friendly touchtone interactions, or a personalized customer experience that uses Conversational AI driven by Artificial Intelligence technologies 

  6. Provides human-like services that are consistent, dependable, adherent, accurate, fast, and available 24/7

  7. Users can introduce new optional and automated self-service with new competitive price models to increase revenues through a large volume of service, while eliminating additional payroll expenses

  8. Offers a reliable, prudent alternative to the costs and complexities associated with hiring, onboarding, training, managing and incentivizing live agents

  9. An intuitive Template Generation Studio is included to design custom interaction templates for each client, or create templates for customer surveys, notifications and response management

  10. Templates can be designed to operate as workflows and scripts with optional branching and processing based on customer responses

  11. Users can create an unlimited number of templates for each type of client to accommodate their specific requirements

  12. Provides a full range of operational and billing reports, available to 3rd party billing products

  13. Available as a stand-alone solution or a seamless upgrade to Company’s OnviCom platform

  14. Delivered either as on-premise software or as cloud services

  15. Utilizes a combination of OnviSource’s Liaa™ Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and Automata™ Process Automation Technologies


On Premise or Cloud Solution

Introducing Liaa TeleServ™ Intelligent Virtual Agent

All-Inclusive Virtual Agent Delivering Intelligently Automated Self-Service Solutions for Teleservices, Answering Service, Dispatch, Customer Surveys, Notifications and Response Management


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