Workforce Management 

for Contact Centers

and Enterprises

OnviSource's workforce management (WFM) solution called Persona™, is offered through a partnership in workforce management for all types of customer interactions such as calls, chat, email, and back office functions.


The suite of products features comprehensive forecasting, scheduling and a complete enterprise-wide workforce management view to automate processes and reduce costs. WFM and the OnviSource product suite both offer open interfaces for the best fit into any ACD/PBX environment to include hybrid environments with numerous ACD/PBX platforms running at different sites.

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Solutions for Workforce Challenges

Front and Back Office

Advanced staff forecasting, and adherence create multi-skilled forecasting and scheduling optimization. Your employees can stay informed 24/7 with mobile applications, where they can respond to notifications, review schedules, request time-off, maximizing productivity.


Handles standard parameters such as Service Objectives, Average Speed of Answer, and AHT by applying additional variables around busies and Mean Time to Abandoned; performed at the at the time step level all the way to 5 minutes, providing a more accurate staffing requirement.


In addition to standard call and handling time, the ability to pull in campaigns and apply variables such as the minimum percentage of connected calls to be handled and percentage of attempted of calls that connect.


Select from a wide range of industry standard or specialty performance reports and charts.

Supports a Wide Range of ACD Solutions

Capture data from disparate sources for work types such as back office and non-traditional contact center activities - send data to other applications such as HR and payroll platforms.


Back-Office Scheduling


Back-office scheduling is important to maintain the right mix of staff not only to reduce costs but to improve organizational efficiencies between the front and back office.

  • Improve the quality and experience of the customer transaction journey

  • Increase over-all productivity, improve operations, and reduce attrition


Performance Management

  • Real-time performance data in tailored reports and dashboards

  • Automated report generation

  • Combine workforce and other business KPI data into a single source

  • Visibility to every level from the front office to the back office