Text Analytics 


Turn unstructured data into structured data you can use.

Text analytics focuses on extracting key pieces of information from conversations and interactions. Conversations can then be categorized by topic of discussion and trends can be identified.


Data can come from many sources including chat, email, surveys, text, and documents.


By understanding the context and how language is used in everyday interactions, text analytics uncovers the “who,” “where,” and “when” of the conversation, the “what” or the “buzz” of the conversation, “how” people are feeling and “why” the conversation is happening.

Mine Text from Voice Recordings to Find Trends and Anomalies


A generally accepted guideline is that structured data represents only 20% of the information available to an organization. That means that 80% of all the data is in unstructured form.


If businesses are gaining value from analyzing only 20% of their data, there is great potential to be leveraged in the analysis of unstructured data using Excerpta.

Excerpta is dependent on OnviSource's Captora to translate call recordings from Speech-to-Text. Excerpta then indexes the text output from Captora. Excerpta builds its own database of filtered text it finds and associates the call recording details with it.


Excerpta allows users to build custom templates. Templates easily define word list combinations and quickly saves them. Word lists and phrases give the flexibility to run free-form text searches on date parameters to find trends and run analytics.

Excerpta text analytics is packaged as part of a complete analytics system that includes speech analytics, social media management, and desktop analytics. This enables companies to truly listen to and respond to the Voice of the Customer, and customer needs and sentiment.

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