Find out why some TAS companies are switching to OnviSource to reduce costs, increase productivity and expand their revenues.

“After 15 years in the Canadian TAS business, I can honestly recommend OnviSource’s teleservices platform. It has delivered reliable answering functionality with the most

cost-effective set of features that meet the demands of my clients and provide affordable, revenue-generating services.”

Glen Fluevog, GFC Communications

Hotline Consultant

People are switching because it just makes good business sense. 

If you could gain advantages and cost savings, you owe it to your business to examine OnviSource solutions with no cost or any obligation of any kind!

OnviCom Advantages & Cost Savings

Reduce System Costs

Compare your current systems costs and annual support services with OnviSource’s solutions to see notable savings for your business.

Take advantage of low prices with extended payment terms of up to 8 months.

One System Provides Everything You Need


Feature-rich TAS solutions:

  • Digital PBX or IP-PBX

  •  IVR or IVR with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

  • Enterprise-level voice mail, find me/follow me, Conference Bridge

  • ACD and Intelligent Call Distribution (ICD) for precise call routing, conference bridge

  • Multimedia messaging, including SMS, email, and more

Increase Operator Productivity
  • Embedded call recording with robust features for search, playback and categorization

  • QA and compliance management tools

  • Easy-to-navigate screens, tools and system shortcuts

Optimize Your Operation
  • Transition from labor-intensive administration and management to an easy-to-use solution

  • Expand billable services that are profitable and grow your organization with features that support client self-service, as well as surveys and notification for end clients.

Grow Beyond Answering Service

Expand your business beyond answering service with highly advanced, but seamless, add-on options from OnviSource using AI, automation and analytics.

  • Multichannel analytics for automating your QA and compliance management

  • Customer surveys, automated multi-tenant notification and response management

  • Process automation for automating your billing and reports to reduce your expenses and deliver results fast and accurately

  • Intelligent Virtual Agent to off-load your live agents.  IVA can automate many of the tasks that are performed by agents today and can help cut costs and improve productivity by reducing dependence on agent-assisted service. 

  • Command & Control Center to effectively monitor, coach and interact with your remote and work-from-home operators in real time.



"We started our business 22 years ago with OnviSource and have grown it year over year through our hand-in-hand partnership.  They have kept up with the changing times and continue to improve services for their clients.  We like their personal approach and responsiveness to our needs, trends and changes in the marketplace."

I.Perlstein / Owner / Big Messages

“We have a healthcare client that demanded we comply with their third-party software provider. They gave us no other option.  OnviSource very quickly made this a priority and got it working with our OnviSource system. Every time there was a concern or an issue, OnviSource was there and tweaked the system to get the problem figured out almost immediately. Our teleservices system is still rock solid and works great. Thank you to OnviSource for making us, and our client, very happy.”

J. Galvin / VP Operations / Advance Communications

"Great presentations at the OnviSource Equipment Owners Annual Meeting this year. We got a lot of good information to work with. 

And I'm happy that I'm with OnviSource!"

S. Ferretti / Owner / New England In Touch

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