Low Set-up Fee and
Low Monthly Fees!

All Inclusive

Teleservices Cloud Solution

Transition seamlessly to a highly affordable,

Teleservices and Answering Service system.

Cloud-based TAS services can be a less expensive option for upgrading your system and support.

OnviSource provides solutions to meet your requirements technically, operationally and financially to cost effectively replace legacy hardware and software, on premise or in the cloud.

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Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to OnviCom Cloud

  1. Very Low Initial Setup Fee and Monthly Fees

  2. No Hardware Purchase or Replacement Costs 

  3. No Annual Support Fees, IT Expense and Facility Costs

  4. Savings on Monthly Telecom Expenses using VoIP

  5. Savings with Cloud Fax

  6. Cloud-Based Replication, Backup, Recovery

  7. Cloud-Based Call Recording, QA, Analytics

  8. Cloud-Based PBX, IVR, Dialers

  9. Optional Telecom Voice and Internet Services

  10. Supports Your Local and Remote Operators

Features of the OnviCom Platform

All-Inclusive Teleservice Solution

OnviCom is an all-inclusive and advance solution for teleservices business. 


It includes a full-featured PBX with VoIP interfaces, multimedia messaging (SMS, email, enterprise voice mail and messaging, fax), Emergency and Dispatch, client self-service portal, HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, disaster recovery and automated backup-replication-archiving - plus many more features.