Speech-to-Text and Call Transcription

Turn big data into actionable intelligence quickly and accurately has a measurable impact on operations and the customer experience.


Further enabling that data by applying speech analytics improves compliance, training and additional insight.

How can we help?

Captora is a speech-to-text and call transcription application, powered by our Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to accurately and rapidly perform speech-to-text (STT) conversion.

As a feature-rich STT and transcription solution, Captora understands language and speech to accurately transcribe massive amounts of voice and audio files into text formats in near-real time.

Speech-to-Text Application

  • Captora produces standard, text-based documents (.txt) that can be used for big data management, data mining, data and document categorization and indexing.

  • Speech analytics can also be enhanced with Captora STT. Speech analytics typically begins by searching for expected keywords and phrases. Drilling down further with Captora to search every word transcribed from a call recording provides an even deeper level of accuracy and understanding.

Transcription Application

  • Captora can convert audio files to a user-friendly PDF format for use in court and evidentiary applications, as well as transcription of audio-video-based news.


Captora is also an essential component of OnviSource’s broad and holistic Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution to capture, unify and analyze data and media related to the entire customer journey and engagement at every customer touchpoint. This includes customer service routing, service processing, multimedia service interactions and service feedback.

Results of multichannel and cross-channel analytics are then provided to our decision-making engine to make the best decision and automatically launch actions.