Highly Affordable Intelligent Automation Software and Cloud Solutions for Workforce Optimization, Customer Experience Management and Process Automation.

Powered by our Hyperautomation platform.

ia.Enterprise solutions are powered by the OnviSource Hyperautomation platform consisting of its proprietary multi-engine AI technologies, analytics and automation.

Hyperautomation Platform

AI + Analytics + Automation

Hyperautomation Platform

ia.Enterprise Solutions

Advanced Call Recording/Monitoring, Screen Capture, QA, Speech Analytics, PCI, LDAP, Operation Continuity

Big Data Management – Data Unification, Compliance, Topical Categorization

Workforce Optimization - AQA, Compliance, FCR Improvement

Customer Experience Management - Automated Discovery of Subjects, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Trends, Intents, Behaviors

Multi-Brand Surveys & Notifications, Response Analysis & Actions, Inbound/Outbound, Analytics-Based

RPA or Hyper Automation (RPA + AI + Analytics), Pre-Packaged or Customizable Workflow Design and Automation Using No-Code Platform, Rules-Based or AI-Driven, Attended/Unattended Bots, Bot Workflow Monitoring and Mining

Text or Voice Interactions, AI-Driven with ML Training Modules, Live Agent Monitoring, Enterprise and Knowledge Systems Interfaces, Integrated with OnviSource’s Analytics to deliver WFO and CXM similar to Live Agents

All-Inclusive Teleservices CRM Solutions for Answering Services & Help Desk,

IP-PBX, Emergency/Dispatch, Multimedia Messaging,

HIPAA Secure Messaging

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